7 Million Can’t Stop Watching: Bernedoodle’s Heartwarming Reunion with Little Brother

Every day after school, there’s an adorable scene that awaits a young boy – a heartwarming welcome from his loyal dog.

Every afternoon, the young lad returns home from a long day at school, anticipating not just a warm reception from his family but also his devoted canine companion. Captured on video, you can see the furry friend attentively watching from their garden, eagerly waiting for the moment his young master steps off the school bus.

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While the dog briefly stretches, indicating an intention to race towards the boy, he instead calmly walks towards him. Perhaps he’s had a tiring day of playing around and just wanted to ease his muscles a bit.

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As the boy approaches, the dog does something truly endearing. Elevating himself onto his hind legs, he tightly embraces the boy in a sincere, loving hug. It’s evident that the bond shared between them is incredibly strong. This doesn’t seem to be a new routine for them, judging by the boy’s unperturbed reaction. It’s possible the young lad even trained his pup to do this heartwarming gesture!

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Returning the gesture, the boy warmly hugs his furry friend, receiving joyful doggy kisses in return. The joy of their reunion after a day apart is palpable.

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The featured dog is a Bernedoodle, a delightful blend of a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Poodle. They’re the perfect family pet, inheriting the cheerful disposition of a Bernese and the smarts of a Poodle. With their playful nature, they adore children, and their energy levels often match that of young kids.

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“Bernedoodles possess an inherent playfulness and have an affinity for bonding with children. They thrive in environments where they’ve been familiar with youngsters from an early age, growing alongside them,” notes Garrett from Trending Breeds.

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Each Bernedoodle has its unique appearance, making it difficult to identify two of them as the same breed sometimes. However, their size is a common trait. Typically, by 12 to 14 months, they attain a height ranging between 23 to 29 inches and weigh anywhere from 50 to 90 lbs.

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While they make wonderful companions, Bernedoodles might not be the best choice for security. Their friendly disposition means they’re not inclined to bark at strangers. They’re so amiable that they might just become pals with an unfamiliar face!

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See the touching reunion between the boy and his furry sibling in the linked video below. Don’t forget to share this heartwarming story with friends and family!

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