A faithful dog travels 200 kilometres to find his abandoned owner.

A faithful dog travels 200 kilometres to find his abandoned owner.

Dogs must rank among the most devoted creatures to have ever walked the earth. They not only show us humans unconditional affection, but they also defend us as if their lives depended on it.

Do dogs deserve us? In my opinion, no. This world would be a better place if we could only return their love and loyalty.

Because of this, every time I read or hear a story about a dog owner leaving or abusing their pet, my heart breaks into a million pieces.

Like in this instance where a devoted dog jumps off a train to return to the unworthy humans who abandoned her.

Bullmastiff Maru travelled 200 kilometres in search of her abandoned owners.

It is alleged that Maru’s owners, a couple from Krasnoyarsk, took her on a Trans-Siberian train to return her to the kennel where they had originally bought her.

Alla Morozova, the owner of the kennel, sold Maru to the couple. But after a few months, they made the decision that they no longer wanted her because they were “allergic.”
Alla told The Siberian Times, “I never give up my puppies and when a dog is acquired, it is agreed that the owners should contact me if they do not need a dog anymore.
Maru experienced a panic crisis while riding the train after realising her owners were no longer there. She is thought to have jumped out of the train because of the noise it was making.
Alla was startled to see the owners of Maru show no sorrow when they were informed of the girl’s disappearance.
“I was upset by that. The dog is missing and that’s okay, so the owners weren’t at all unhappy. That was their response, Alla said to nearby journalists.
Fortunately, Maru was discovered after a few days in a Krasnoyarsk industrial area. It is close to her owners’ residence.
However, when rescuers located her, they saw that her jaw was shattered and that she had blisters on her paws.
The good news is that Maru has been returned to the kennel and is currently healing.

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