Abandoned Pregnant Dog’s Miraculous Turnaround: Now a Mom to 14

Expecting mothers, whether human or animal, require utmost care and love. Tragically, Natajuli, a canine on the brink of her pregnancy with 14 little ones, experienced quite the opposite.

On a chilly December 22nd, just days before Christmas, Natajuli was left desolate near the Instituto Amor em Patas (IAPA) shelter. And she was moments away from bringing new life into the world.

1 7When the shelter staff stumbled upon her, she was feeble, petrified, and couldn’t even muster the strength to stand. Her initial fear meant she hesitated before trusting those trying to help her.

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Despite her initial wariness of the rescuers, with time, she warmed up to their caring hands. A shelter volunteer expressed concern over her frail state, speculating that she might be carrying anywhere from 13 to 14 puppies. Immediate medical attention was the top priority.

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As the hours ticked closer to her delivery, the shelter ensured all necessary preparations. A staff member took to social media, indicating the anticipation and readiness for Natajuli’s ultrasound to ensure all was set for her litter.

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Natajuli, in her maternal might, brought 14 beautiful puppies into the world, a feat that left everyone in awe.

Subsequently, Natajuli, along with her new family, was ushered to a veterinarian for comprehensive check-ups and necessary health evaluations. Even though exhaustion was evident on her face, her puppies were the epitome of health.

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Seeing her surrounded by her healthy litter, a shelter worker expressed, “Her joyous smile amidst the exhaustion was overwhelming. The sight of her with her adorable puppies is something that tugs at the heartstrings.”

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