After 5 Heartbreaking Years, The Dog Deemed ‘Too Ugly to Love’ Gets His Fairytale Ending

After an almost five-year stay at an RSPCA rescue center, the UK’s most forsaken dog has at last discovered a loving home. Rescued by RSPCA officers towards the end of 2017 during an investigation, Albie, a lurcher breed, was under the charity’s protection while the inquiry was ongoing.

Yet, just as he was cleared for adoption, the unexpected Covid pandemic hit. This posed challenges for the staff at the Southridge Animal Centre in Hertfordshire in their attempts to place him. Albie’s previous life in Wales was grim, having been involved in hunting and associated wildlife offenses.

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Anna White, the center’s head, conveyed, “Albie’s chance at immediate adoption was thwarted by the pandemic’s timing. Ideally, any potential owner meeting him in real life would be instantly charmed, given his affable nature. Our only avenue, then, was online promotions, where he sadly remained unnoticed with minimal inquiries.”

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But Albie’s luck was about to change. Grace Ho from West London stumbled upon his profile. She reflected, “I had recently lost my pet and was considering adopting another, but I hadn’t pictured someone like Albie. Seeing him consistently overlooked online just saddened me. Probably, his scars and part of his missing nose deterred many, painting him as intimidating.”

Grace then took the initiative. “I contacted the center to spend time with Albie, to understand him better. Over two months, I learned his behaviors and became assured I could care for him. He’s truly an endearing creature around humans, always sporting a smile. There’s work ahead, but I feel up to the task, and he’s already showing progress.”

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Grace, now Albie’s human since September, elaborated on their routine, “He relishes his meals, enjoys a snug spot on the couch, and loves his walks.” She’s unperturbed by his occasional aggression towards other dogs, ensuring he’s muzzled when outdoors. “We frequent a serene park close to home, and on weekends, venture to crowded ones. I’m working on familiarizing him with other dogs; he’s even befriended a couple of greyhounds.”

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At home, Albie’s demands are minimal. “All he yearns for is comfort and food. Often, while I’m occupied, he snuggles close, seeking proximity,” she added.

Anna and her team at Southridge couldn’t be happier about Albie’s newfound life. “His story is testament that there’s a loving home awaiting every pet out there,” she expressed.

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To spread awareness about shelter animals and to urge more people to think about adopting, the RSPCA has initiated its yearly ‘Adoptober’ campaign, hoping to find many more Albies their forever homes.

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