After saving her mother’s life, the loyal dog refuses to leave her side.

If you ask me who the most loyal creatures on the planet are, I believe I already know the answer: dogs! Dogs’ unconditional love and loyalty can be seen all over the world. This is the story of a service dog who refused to leave her mother’s hospital room.

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Shauna Darcy / The Dodo

This special bond began when Shauna Darcy decided that a dog would help her overcome her anxiety. She was completely correct. Ruby, it was love at first sight. The adorable puppy proved to be more than just a service dog. Ruby provided her with both a friend and a pet!

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Shauna Darcy / The Dodo

Shauna noticed that she began picking up on changes in her heart rate while training to be a service dog. Something along the lines of “try to get her attention and get on her like stuff.” In other words, she acts as Shauna’s guardian angel.

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Shauna Darcy / The Dodo

She was always with her adoptive mother at all times. Ruby used to monitor Shauna’s blood pressure and heart rate because she had a rare heart condition called vascular Ehlers-Danols syndrome. More than that, she acts as a human companion to her.

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Shauna Darcy / The Dodo

Ruby recently saved her mother’s life. She began to warn Shauna that something was wrong! Even though the young woman was in good spirits, she followed her dog’s instincts and called an ambulance. By the time the paramedics arrived, her heart was in atrial fibrillation, and she was in pain and barely conscious.

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Shauna Darcy / The Dodo

Shauna is able to breathe again thanks to her devoted and special dog. Ruby’s loyalty, however, does not help her. While her mother was in the hospital, she refused to leave her side. Shauna was certain about; it was her bond with them that saved her life. “I wouldn’t be here without her!” she exclaimed.

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Shauna Darcy / The Dodo

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