Amy Schumer’s Blistering Takedown of Hilaria Baldwin: You Won’t Believe What She Said

In her new Netflix special, Emergency Contact, comedian Amy Schumer targeted Hilaria Baldwin, famously embroiled in a scandal concerning her fabricated Spanish heritage.

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Schumer, 42, had previously ridiculed Baldwin, a 39-year-old yoga instructor, in 2021, when it was revealed Baldwin had falsely claimed to be of Spanish descent for several years. Schumer humorously criticized Baldwin for her large family, sarcastically referring to them as having a ‘Von Trapp number of kids’, and took a jab at Baldwin’s husband Alec Baldwin, 65, for the accidental shooting of Rust movie cinematographer Halyna Hutchins.

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Schumer recalled meeting Hilaria ‘years back’ behind the scenes at Saturday Night Live, where Hilaria had introduced herself with a heavy Spanish accent as being ‘from España’.

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The comedian further commented: ‘Their family is like a von Trapp choir, with each child carrying a uniquely Spanish name like Jamón, Croqueta, and Flamenco. But the curious twist here is that “Hilaria from España” is actually Hillary from Boston. She’s not at all Spanish. Her parents don’t hail from Spain, nor does anyone in her life. So, you’re shocked, right? You thought I was just pulling off an offensive Spanish imitation?

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‘I’m not here to target a sociopath. There’s a point I’m driving at. It appears that she visited Spain, much like some of us have been fortunate to do. We enjoyed it, right? I certainly did. But Hillary from Boston… she was over the moon!’

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‘My argument is that all signs suggest that this woman has been fabricating a Spanish identity since she met her husband. And now her husband has killed someone… find someone who can tolerate you.’

News of Schumer’s commentary comes hot on the heels of Baldwin settling a lawsuit with Halyna Hutchins’ son. Hutchins was fatally shot by Baldwin on the set of Rust with a prop Colt .45 pistol that was inadvertently loaded with a live round in October 2021.

Alec and Hilaria Baldwin are parents to seven children — Carmen, nine; Rafael, seven; Leonardo, six; Romeo, five; Maria, two; Eduardo, two; and Ilaria, eight months. Alec also has a 27-year-old daughter, Ireland Baldwin, from his previous marriage to Kim Basinger.

Despite the tragedy, Baldwin has always insisted that he did not pull the trigger of the weapon, which should never have been loaded with live rounds during production.

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In April, New Mexico prosecutors dropped the involuntary manslaughter charges against Baldwin, after a new prosecutor reexamined evidence suggesting the gun could have fired even without the trigger being pulled, as reported by The New York Times.

On Instagram, Schumer had previously made fun of Baldwin with two posts, one of which was shared right before the scandal erupted. However, in January 2021, Schumer admitted she had removed the posts because she ‘didn’t want to be mean.’

The comedian found herself embroiled in the scandal surrounding Baldwin’s fabricated European heritage, after consistent reports suggested that Hilaria, or Hillary Hayward-Thomas by her real name, had lied about her Spanish ancestry for years.

After promptly deleting both posts, Schumer disclosed her reasons to Entertainment Tonight. She confessed that while she found the entire scandal ‘ridiculous’, she felt guilty about being ‘mean’ upon realizing Baldwin’s distress.

‘I just thought, “I don’t want to be mean,” and it seemed like it hurt her feelings, so I just took it down,’ the star of I Feel Pretty said.

‘You simply cannot pretend to be Spanish’: Schumer quipped.

In her initial post, Schumer posted a photo of Baldwin posing in lingerie with her child Edu, making a joke that it was a picture of herself and her son Gene.

Following the revelation of Baldwin’s false heritage, Schumer shared a second photo of herself, captioned: ‘I get it. I’ve been to Spain a couple of times.’

Even after deleting the posts, Schumer admitted finding the entire controversy ‘wild and amusing’.

She made a wisecrack that Baldwin must have been ‘relieved’ about the Capitol riot because it ‘diverted attention’ from her scandal.

The controversy was initiated by a viral Twitter thread, accusing Hilaria of feigning her background for years. The thread, posted by an anonymous user, said, ‘You have to admire Hilaria Baldwin’s commitment to her decade long grift where she impersonates a Spanish person.’

The tweet received 20,000 likes and led many to unearth instances of Baldwin using a Spanish accent. This contrasted sharply with her upbringing in Boston, where she was known as Hillary and was considered white by her peers.

Several videos surfaced online showcasing Hilaria’s consistent Spanish accent in past TV appearances, including a Today show segment where she apparently forgot the English word for ‘cucumber’.

Several of Hilaria’s former classmates verified that she was indeed brought up in Weston, Massachusetts, by her professor parents, and had no trace of a Spanish accent during her younger years.

‘I went to high school with her. Genuinely a lovely person, I remember, but completely a white girl from Cambridge,’ one said.

Alec staunchly defended his wife, subtly jabbing at her critics on Twitter.

‘You have to sort of wade through the junk of Twitter,’ he wrote. ‘Twitter is just a vast junkyard. Some of the things said recently about the people I love and care about are ridiculous. I mean, absolutely ridiculous.’

Hilaria has since clarified that she was born and raised in Boston’s affluent Beacon Hill neighborhood by parents with deep American roots, who moved to Spain in 2011.

Baldwin even blamed her agency CAA and ¡Hola! magazine for erroneously referring to her as Spanish in a New York Times interview.

‘Home is where my parents are,’ the Mom Brain podcast host said. ‘If my parents move to China, I would go to China and say, “I’m going home.”‘

Yet, as early as 2011, Hillary perpetuated her fictional heritage by tweeting that she was a ‘Spanish yoga teacher.’

As recently as two months ago, Baldwin’s husband Alec told Aaron and Rohit’s Hopeless Show ‘my wife is from Spain’ and he said the same on Late Show with David Letterman in 2013.



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