Ana de Armas’s SHOCKING Kiss! See Who’s the Lucky Guy in Her Latest Estee Lauder Ad

Ana de Armas recently unveiled her inaugural Estee Lauder advertisement for the scent, “Beautiful Magnolia,” following her recent appointment as the esteemed beauty brand’s global representative.

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The 32-year-old starlet, previously in a relationship with Ben Affleck until December, was captured sharing tender moments with a striking male counterpart, with their escapades spanning a picturesque beach and a lavish estate.

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The leading lady from “Knives Out” dazzled in an elegant, translucent gold ensemble, accentuating her role as a Bond girl in the upcoming “No Time To Die,” set for a release later in the year.

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Captivating Moments: Ana de Armas made a grand entrance in her debut Estee Lauder advertisement, showcasing her allure and affinity with her co-star amidst their passionate on-screen moments.

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Love Takes Center Stage: Ana, having parted ways with Ben Affleck recently, showcased palpable chemistry with a dashing male model, with both seen reveling at the seaside.

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A Tale of Modern Romance: The core theme of the ad resonated with contemporary love, offering glimpses of young passion.

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The ad sequence begins with the Havana-born star engaging in intimate moments with her counterpart within a majestic mansion with breathtaking canyon views. The crescendo sees her leaping into his embrace, subsequently diving into a pool, all set against a melodious backdrop.

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I hope this revised version captures the essence of the original while offering a fresh perspective!

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