Are Kanye West and Bianca taking their love to new heights? Find out the jaw-dropping details of their date night

It’s evident that Kanye West is thoroughly smitten with his spouse, Bianca Censori, displaying plenty of affection during their recent outing in L.A. for a meal.

Kanye and Bianca were seen outside The Lobster, a Santa Monica eatery, where Kanye couldn’t resist giving his new bride a playful squeeze on the rear while they waited at the valet.

In a particularly bold move, Kanye rested his head on Bianca’s chest, apparently unfazed by who might be watching, including fellow patrons of the restaurant.

Joining the couple for dinner were two other gentlemen, one identified as the renowned Japanese architect, Tadao Ando. The motivation behind this gathering, whether professional or social, remains unclear. However, the quartet left the premises together in the same vehicle.

We previously reported that Kanye had a grand celebration for his 46th birthday, where Bianca made an appearance hand-in-hand with Kanye’s daughter, North. This gesture strongly suggests that Bianca and North are growing increasingly at ease with each other.

The intimacy between Kanye and Bianca, too, is unmistakably evident.

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