Are you guilty of tearing others down? Discover how SZA defends Lizzo and fights against online trolls

The music industry witnessed SZA’s vocal backing of fellow artist Lizzo after the latter was subjected to a tirade of hateful comments about her size, which led her to consider exiting her music career.

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SZA, the acclaimed singer and songwriter, used Twitter to express her concern and frustration, challenging social media users to step up and protect those who are genuinely in need.

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This came in response to Lizzo, a known promoter of body positivity, speaking up about the malicious fat-shaming she experienced, which subsequently prompted her to make her Twitter profile private.

In defense of Lizzo, SZA confessed that the recent comments were deeply troubling for her, urging people to exercise more kindness on social platforms.

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She initiated the conversation by questioning, ‘Where are all those self-righteous, eloquent, online crusaders when someone authentic needs to be defended?’

‘Where are you all when it comes to supporting Lizzo? Do you really know how to be there for others or is it just easier to tear them down?’ SZA challenged.

One Twitter user asked, ‘Why doesn’t anyone defend Lizzo on this platform?’

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To which SZA retorted, ‘NOT NEARLY ENOUGH. Considering the amount of free love, encouragement, and positivity she consistently spreads on every platform? The proportions just don’t make sense.’

SZA continued, ‘I don’t care who disagrees. This has been bothering me for some time … it upsets me.

‘We should all try to be more kind and speak less because the world is already filled with so much ugliness. Why contribute more?’ (sic).

In the previous week, Lizzo hinted at leaving her music career following the brutal fat-shaming she faced on the internet.

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The “Juice” singer was provoked by a malicious comment from author Layah Heilpern which read, ‘How can Lizzo remain THIS large even with all her activity on stage?! I wonder what she must be eating.’

Lizzo, who is recognized as a body-positive figure and a renowned plus-size fashion icon – she even launched an inclusive shapewear collection in 2022 – reposted the comment and expressed her discontent.

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Sharing the offensive remark, Lizzo expressed, ‘I just logged on and this is the kind of nonsense I see about myself daily. It’s starting to make me despise the world.

‘Someone in the comments even claimed that I eat “lots of fast food”. I STOPPED EATING FAST FOOD YEARS AGO… I’m fed up with having to justify myself constantly, I just want to use this app without being dragged into nonsense.

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The artist stated that she ‘despised’ Twitter and proclaimed, ‘This is how my body looks when I’m maintaining a clean diet and exercising regularly.’

She added: ‘People really need to get out more… I’m not trying to BE fat nor am I trying to BE smaller, I’m simply trying to live and stay healthy.

‘Even when I eat super clean and exercise, this is how my body looks! People speak on matters they have absolutely NO KNOWLEDGE OF and I’m starting to lose my patience.


‘The amount of love is definitely dwarfed by the hate on social media… all because I’m fat??? This is INSANITY

‘You have no idea how close I am to just giving up on everyone, quitting, and enjoying my wealth and my partner on a SECLUDED FARM…

‘I NEVER intentionally search my name, this stuff just pops up on my feed. It’s wild. I just want to watch dance videos and read science news and I’m bombarded with this nonsense every day…’

‘Also, to those who haven’t had an original thought or stepped outside in years… BEING FAT ISN’T MY ‘BRAND’ IT’S JUST HOW MY BODY LOOKS. THAT’S IT. THAT’S ALL. My ‘brand’ is UPLIFTING MUSIC My ‘brand’ is ADVOCATING FOR ALL PEOPLE My ‘brand’ is FEMALE BLACK EMPOWERMENT

‘I’ve always led with my TALENT… When I released Good As Hell, uplifting music was labelled as “corny”, When I dropped Juice, disco pop was deemed not “for them”, When I promoted body positivity in 2016, it was considered “pandering” Now everyone is jumping on the bandwagon, and I’m still being treated like garbage?! Screw you all.’

She continued her outpouring of frustration on Instagram with a series of alluring images captioned, ‘I hate everyone today.’

She also shared a video of her confronting trolls during a recent concert, with the caption, ‘I WILL NEVER STOP TALKING ABOUT HOW HARD YOU MAKE IT FOR FAT PEOPLE TO SIMPLY EXIST. MINDING YOUR OWN BUSINESS IS FREE


Her fans were quick to offer their support after the brutal comment, with one fan responding to Heilpern, ‘This is ugly. Like, deep in your soul ugly. Lizzo is a goddess and absolutely perfect. Can YOU play the flute for hours, sing, and dance simultaneously? Didn’t think so.’

Another added, ‘It’s a universal truth that those who criticize others are ten times more critical of themselves. Leave Lizzo alone and watch your own life get better. You’ll be surprised.

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