Are you ready to experience the ultimate Flavor Flav extravaganza

Flavor Flav has never been one to hide his admiration for pop sensation Taylor Swift. Following his unexpected attendance at Swift’s Detroit concert which sent the internet into a frenzy, the icon of the legendary hip-hop group Public Enemy is eager for another live performance from the star.

During an interaction with TMZ Hip Hop on the day after his memorable presence at Swift’s ‘Eras’ concert, the 64-year-old rapper was left bewildered by the public’s surprise over him savoring Swift’s music live.

In Flav’s perspective, Taylor’s superstar status and her incredible feat of selling more than 100 million records globally justifies his admiration.

Their initial connection dates back to the iHeartRadio Awards in March. Flav discloses that he’s been a long-time listener of Swift’s discography, showcasing his broad appreciation for all music genres.

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Interestingly, Flav revealed that iHeartRadio has extended an invitation for him and fellow Public Enemy member, Chuck D, to perform at their forthcoming iHeartRadio Music Festival in September. Flav also excitedly disclosed that a new album from Public Enemy is in the pipeline.

This would be the group’s 16th studio album and Flav shared that they’ve brought back their original production squad, The Bomb Squad, to handle the beats.

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Away from the music scene, Flav admits that his recent visit to Harvard was a source of inspiration and positivity. His rejuvenated energy is largely attributed to his continuous sobriety journey that has lasted for three years so far.

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Both Flav and Chuck D have plans to grace the Rock Hall on June 29 to inaugurate the HipHop50 Exhibit.

In conclusion, despite his age and transitions, Flavor Flav remains the indomitable Public Enemy #1. Yeahhh, boyeee!!!

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