Attention ‘Mad Men’ Fans: Jon Hamm Reveals Stunning Wedding Details

In a ceremony infused with nostalgia for their ‘Mad Men’ days, Jon Hamm and his former co-star Anna Osceola recently said their vows. This significant event marks a journey that began on the ‘Mad Men’ set back in 2015 and led to their engagement last year, following a two-year courtship. Hamm’s relationship with Osceola blossomed after the end of his long-term relationship with Jennifer Westfeldt.

Their wedding was a dazzling affair. The scenic Anderson Canyon in Big Sur served as their wedding backdrop, perfectly framing the ocean-themed celebration. For diehard ‘Mad Men’ fans, the Big Sur location held special significance. It’s the place where the iconic series ended with Don Draper’s self-renewal and the creation of the classic 1970 “Hilltop” Coke advertisement.

The subtle tribute to their ‘Mad Men’ days didn’t end with the location. A guest list peppered with cast members like John Slattery amplified the nostalgia. A touch of ‘Mad Men’-themed cocktails elevated the homage further, reflecting the series’ notorious association with drinking.

The gathering also included some notable names from Hollywood. Billy Crudup, who himself recently wedded, was among the guests. The star-studded event was further graced by the presence of Paul Rudd, Tina Fey, and other luminaries. The soundtrack to the celebration was another nod to the past, with a live band performing the theme from “You Only Live Twice,” echoing the 1960s vibe.



The newlyweds were a sight to behold. Hamm looked resplendent in his tuxedo, while Osceola’s stunning, fluid gown turned heads. The entire gathering was fashionably dressed, contributing to the glamorous atmosphere.



We extend our hearty congratulations to the beautiful couple!


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