Attention, ‘Yellowstone’ enthusiasts: Kevin Costner’s departure has everyone talking

“Yellowstone” devotees are feeling a sense of disappointment as Kevin Costner, a beloved figure of the show, hints at his musical journey ahead, giving no insight into his television series.

Costner, now 68, took to Instagram recently, expressing his eagerness to get back to making music, but failed to mention anything about the popular series.

Costner’s post showcased him on stage with a guitar in hand, captioned, “Approaching our 3rd anniversary of the #TalesFromYellowstone album. Creating and performing this project with my band was a delightful experience.”

He added, “Currently, I am engrossed in film work, but can’t wait to regroup with the band for more musical endeavours soon!”

The film in question is likely “Horizon,” the Western genre film that has emerged as his recent obsession.

While his post garnered many encouraging comments from fans expressing their anticipation for his return to the stage and upcoming projects, a number of them expressed disappointment at his disregard for the much-loved show, “Yellowstone.”

One user commended the album and wished the star good fortune with “Horizon,” but ended their comment with a note, “P.S. It would be great to see John Dutton once more, just to give a fitting end to our favourite series. Please consider it.”

Another added, “Wouldn’t it be great if you returned to ‘Yellowstone’ mode?”

“Please come back to ‘Yellowstone,’ another pleaded. “The series is phenomenal and you are brilliant in it. It’s going to leave a void when it concludes.”

More pleas followed, one stating, “PLEASE Kevin, we urge you to complete the filming of Season 5 episodes for your loyal fans.”

One fan went as far as guilt-tripping Costner, “It’s essential you conclude what you began with Yellowstone. Numerous fans are eagerly waiting for the finale.”

Last month, it was declared that the second half of the fifth and last season of the Costner-led Western will be aired in November, followed by a yet-to-be-named sequel series in December.

“‘Yellowstone’ has been our launching pad for a range of global successes – from ‘1883’ to ‘Tulsa King.’ I firmly believe our ‘Yellowstone’ sequel will emulate this success, due to Taylor Sheridan’s outstanding creativity and our exceptional cast,” Chris McCarthy, MTV Entertainment Studios’ president and CEO, who also produces the show, remarked.

David Glasser, CEO of 101 Studios, another producer of the much-loved series, said, “The narrative of Dutton continues, evolving from where ‘Yellowstone’ concludes. We’re eager to present this fresh saga to audiences globally.”

As of now, specific details about the show remain sparse. During a recent episode of the “Lex Fridman Podcast,” Matthew McConaughey discussed the appeal of “Yellowstone.”

“The show’s simplicity is captivating. You could describe ‘Yellowstone’ and Costner’s role as the portrayal of the extents men can go to safeguard their land and family from external threats,” he said.

Discussing this ethical dilemma, Fridman pointed out that it doesn’t always comply with the law, to which McConaughey replied, “No, it’s beyond the law.”

“It’s essentially like, ‘If the law isn’t taking care of this, I will.’ And then it becomes, ‘The law isn’t stepping in, hence I will.’ It ultimately ends with, ‘I’m dealing with this. Law enforcement? You’ll deal with them when they arrive. I’m handling this,'” McConaughey continued.

There is yet no update on when the final episodes of “Yellowstone” will be shot.

As of now, Fox News Digital’s request for comment from Paramount and Costner’s representatives has not been returned.

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