Azhakin Rani of Malayalam, actress and model Hasee Kwesi’s new pictures are taken by fans

To bring a film to its completion, the talents and efforts of many individuals are absolutely necessary. There are numerous strong female characters that still strongly resonate in our minds today. Not only through the actresses who portrayed them, but also through their voices, they chill and thrill our hearts.

For instance, the character ‘Kanchanamala’ played by Parvati in the film ‘Ninte Moideen’ is unforgettable for Malayalis. Malayalis cherished Moideen and Kanchanamala with so much love and passion.

However, while the character ‘Kanchanamala’ is celebrated, the artist who gave life to her voice often goes unnoticed. The dubbing artist Hasee Quasi was the voice behind the character ‘Kanchanamala’.

A star who is known as a dubbing artist in countless films and series, and recognized as a social media star and celebrity in various capacities. Beyond being a dubbing artist, she’s active as an actress and model.

She learned dubbing from the ‘Sree Bharathi Vision School of Dubbing’. She has given voice to numerous characters so far. She is also very active in the modeling arena, having uploaded many photoshoot images on social media.

Most of the photos have a glamorous look. Yet, there’s a huge fan base waiting eagerly for her photos and special features. She always strives to bring a uniqueness to every photoshoot.

She has 66.6k followers on Instagram alone. She has also lent her voice for television serials. Her debut as a voice artist was in the film ‘Ninte Moideen’. Subsequently, she worked as a dubbing artist in five films, including Tamil films.







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