How to Backup Android Phone Completely 2022

Are you looking for a proper method to backup your Android phone? Hurray, you have come across the right place where you will attain a step-by-step to save your data.

Besides this, if you are planning to root your phone, you will need a sophisticated and detailed guide that unlocks those immersive features without creating any problems.

However, the first thing you must consider is to backup the data since if you do anything wrong will erase data permanently, so it’s better to take precautions before the problem.

There are several other instances where you require backup. One of the common is switching to a new phone, while in some cases, you have lost or damaged the device.

This post will render the simplistic method to backup and restore data whenever you want, it’s not like performing some rocket science mathematics, just follow the lead.

How to Backup Android Phone Completely

If you didn’t want to lose your precious data, ensure to follow the upcoming options to complete the walkthrough and efficiently restore smartphone data without an issue.

We have covered the guide in sync pattern. With that, you won’t need to worry about anything left behind. Are you ready to back up the data? Let’s head to the first section.

1. Contacts

You didn’t want to lose your friends and family contact information. But remembering each number present on the contact list is pretty difficult, for normal users usually.

Plus, nobody wants to remember all of that. You simply need to back up their details, the best way would be that you sync your Gmail account with different data factors.

With this process, you will quickly backup your contact data, while at the same time, you can conveniently restore anywhere with the Google ecosystem security traits.

  • Head toward the Settings application → Accounts → click on Google account.
Backup Android Phone
  • Next, access the Account Sync options.
  • Enable all the options present in the Account Sync Window.
Backup Android Phone
  • That’s it, all of your account data will be stored in a Google account.

2. SMS & Call Logs

On daily basis, you can different SMS over your phone, some of them are important and some are not. Those primary messages can’t be synced with the Gmail account.

Besides this, you won’t be able to backup call logs. Usually, we sometimes forget to save the contact number from an unknown caller. In some cases, call logs are needed.

For that, you can utilize third-party applications. Such as backup all SMS to save data on google drive or any other cloud platform. You can also use your preferred app.

  • Get the SMS and Call logs backup application from Google Playstore.
  • Enter into the app, and tap on Setup A Backup.
Backup Android Phone
  • Choose a preferred storage medium( OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, Local)
  • Recommend utilizing a cloud storage platform to restore data at any time.
Backup Android Phone
  • Schedule the backup process according to hourly, daily, or weekly orders.
  • Last but not least, press the Backup Now Button.

3. WhatsApp Messages

Around one-fourth world’s population uses WhatsApp monthly, while the active users are in millions. Moreover, WhatsApp becomes an integral part of our daily routine.

So, taking backups of chats, media files, and docs become necessary since we didn’t know when somebody ask about a birthday photo that we shared 6 months ago.

As we all know, we can’t use the same WhatsApp number on two different phones. Therefore, you have to take WhatsApp data backup, which is pretty simple!

  • Run the WhatsApp, tap on three-dot settings present on the home screen.
Backup Android Phone
  • Access the Settings menu, and tap on the Chat option.
  • Inside the new dialog box, scroll down and click on Chat Backup.
Backup Android Phone
  • Finally, tap on the Green (Backup) button to initialize the process.

4. Photos & Videos

Generally, we take lots of photos and videos with our family and friends. Those photos and videos are treasured moments of life that can’t be replaced with any other thing.

However, you won’t able to restore those memories unless and until you have created a stable backup. The best option is to get the Google Photos application to save data.

It can seamlessly store photos and videos at high quality, while the downside is that you only get up to 15GB of storage. Although, you are free to purchase more storage.

  • Open the Google Photo application present in the Google Cube box.
  • Press on the profile image button that present in the top right corner.
Backup Android Phone
  • Following this, you will notice Backup is off, tap on Turn on Backup.
  • Select the Gmail account in which you want to store the photos & videos.
Backup Android Phone
  • Set the quality (Recommend to choose High quality) and continue.
  • Afterward, the data will automatically be uploaded to Google Photos.

5. Other files

We work with different files, including docs, pdf, sheets, and many more in our daily working routine and we usually send files from messaging software like WhatsApp.

Some files can be scattered across the internal storage and restoring each of them could be a hassle task if you are getting started. But, there’s a viable way to backup.

All you need is the Google Drive application and you can create other file backups without any problem. So, let’s understand how to use Google Drive for backup!

  • Download and access the Google Drive application first.
Backup Android Phone
  • Inside the home screen, you have to press the (+) icons.
  • Select file(s) that you want to upload to Google Drive.
Backup Android Phone
  • Once you select them, they will be easily accessed from the drive!

6. Backing Up to your PC

If you didn’t want to do that much work, we recommend you transport important data to your computer. Now, follow the below instruction to accomplish the backup guide.

  • Connect your device to a PC using the original data cable.
  • Next, you have to open the phone folder.
Backup Android Phone
  • Select DCIM, Download, Music, Picture, Movie, Ringtone, etc.
  • Copy all of those files on the hard drive.
Backup Android Phone
  • Make sure to copy-paste each file precisely.

Other Options to Backup Android Phone

From the above ways, you understand how easy it is to take a backup of an Android phone. Everything can be quite simple once you start applying a step-by-step guide.

However, those methods are designed for normal users, if you are a techie user, you will going to like the upcoming process since they take complete firmware backup.

We have also covered different methods to take backup with a third party, from a Mac laptop. So, what are you waiting for? choose anything according to your desire.

Rooted phone – Full ROM/Firmware

When you have rooted the phone, you can back up the Android phone extensively without any issues. In the usual method, you only save users’ and applications’ data.

However, a rooted device grants privileges to even store firmware backup. With this, you can restore from the boot loop. Thus, let’s check out the following method.

  • Boot into the TWRP custom recovery.
  • Tap on the Backup option.
  • Select all files and swipe right.
  • All done!

Unrooted phone – Third-party applications

As for the unrooted/normal phones, you can backup Android phones with third-party applications like Super Backup and Restore. So, let’s dive into the instruction.

  • Download the Super Backup & Restore app.
  • Select the categories (photos, videos, files, etc.)
  • Select the individual item you want to add.
  • Finally, click on the backup.

Backup Android phone on Mac

  • Download and install the Android File transfer tool.
  • Connect Android phone to the Mac.
  • Drag and drop the files you want a backup.

Note: You have manually added each file. Besides this, you can use any other app.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q- How do I backup my entire Android phone?

1. Open the Setting application.
2. Tap on the Google option.
3. Press Backup by Google One.
4. Lastly, Click on Backup Now.

Q- How do I backup my entire Android phone to my computer?

Ans. You need to connect your phone to the PC using a data cable and copy-paste all the essential files you want to the backup Android phone without any hassle.

Q- How do I transfer everything from my old phone to my new one?

Ans. Every smartphone maker brand provides software that can transport data using Bluetooth. Aside from this, you can also take up backup on a Google account.

Q- How do I transfer everything from my old phone to my new phone without WIFI?

Ans. There are various apps like TrebleShot that allow you to backup your Android phone. All you need to do is download on both devices and scan the QR code to transfer.

Q- How do I transfer photos from Android to Android without a computer?

Ans. The best solution would be that you install Google Photos and take a backup. Now, access to Google Photos to backup Android phone videos and photos.

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