Bebe Rexha’s Shocking Stage Accident: The Terrifying Moment a Phone Struck Her Head

Photos of Bebe Rexha’s injuries have surfaced, revealing a deep cut above her eye requiring stitches and significant contusions, demonstrating the severity of her recent accident.

At her Sunday concert in New York City, the music artist experienced a traumatic event when she was hit in the face by a phone while performing. This occurred at The Rooftop at Pier 17, where she was part of the “Best F’n Night of My Life” tour and was struck by a phone thrown by a concert-goer in the crowd.

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In a social media clip, it’s clear that Bebe buckles to the ground in pain, sinking to her knees and leaning over. Her anxious team is seen hastening to offer their assistance.

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Another video features Bebe cradling her wounded face in one hand while using the other to wave at her fans as she is led off the stage by her crew. In a show of solidarity, the crowd started chanting her name.

The incident provoked outrage and concern from her fans, particularly on Twitter. One fan expressed their frustration, saying, “A perfectly good show was spoiled by a fan hurling their phone at @BebeRexha; I sincerely hope she’s alright after this incident.”

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Another fan echoed a similar sentiment, adding, “We were all thoroughly enjoying ourselves, as was Bebe, who on earth would do such a thing? We’re praying for your wellbeing.”

As per reports, Bebe required three stitches to mend the cut she received.

Law enforcement officers from NYPD swiftly intervened, apprehending the alleged perpetrator, Nicolas Malvagna, and charging him with assault. Given the phone was used as a weapon, the charge was escalated to a felony.

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