Breaking: Kourtney Kardashian reveals pregnancy news with adorable baby bump pics

Kourtney Kardashian stunned everyone with her major baby announcement this weekend, sharing the surprise on social media where her significant baby bump was on full display.

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The oldest of the Kardashian clan dropped the bombshell with some recent photos of her pregnant belly on Sunday, moments after breaking the news to her spouse and the world that she was expecting again, and in quite a grand style. It’s apparent from the images that she’s significantly progressed in her pregnancy journey, suggesting she’s been holding onto this secret for a while now.

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We can’t presume to guess her exact stage in pregnancy just from the images, but it’s clear she’s well past the initial stage of her first trimester, possibly even more.

The shared photographs are nothing short of heartwarming. They showcase Kourtney and Travis being affectionate with one another, kissing, embracing, and indulging in playful antics, such as Travis pretending to drum on her belly. He also lovingly bends over to kiss the future baby.

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Interestingly, it was clear that Travis was taken aback when he found out about Kourtney’s pregnancy. His astonished reaction was caught on camera during a live Blink-182 concert. Kourtney had broadcast the news via a nostalgic signboard.

But considering her advanced stage of pregnancy in these photos, it’s a surprise that Travis hadn’t noticed earlier. Despite living and spending time with her, it appears Kourtney successfully kept her pregnancy a secret until it was time to make the public announcement.

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One could assume her sisters were probably aware of her pregnancy, and given how visibly pregnant she appears, it’s plausible that even Shanna Moakler was in on the secret, as she’s stated she has known for weeks. If true, Kourtney did a commendable job maintaining discretion.

As fans may know, this will be Kourtney’s fourth child – she has three other kids with her ex, Scott Disick – and Travis’ third. The couple has implied their desire to have children together since their wedding, which followed a passionate romance that soon transformed into a love story.

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It seems their dreams are about to come true with the upcoming addition to their family. Our warmest congratulations to the future parents!

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