Breaking news: Chrissy Teigen drops bombshell about her fourth baby. Find out the shocking details

The celebrated Chrissy Teigen recently revealed the birth of her fourth child, and this time, through surrogacy. She broke the exciting news of the arrival of her baby boy, Wren Alexander Stephens, on her social media platforms on Wednesday. Chrissy nostalgically mentioned that she has long desired four children and even used to pretend play with four dolls in her childhood.

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Finally, Chrissy’s dream of a big family has turned into reality. She mentioned reaching out to a surrogacy agency in 2021, following the tragic loss of her son Jack with her husband, John Legend, due to medical complications.

Earlier this year, Chrissy and John became parents to a baby girl, Esti, who was conceived through IVF, like their other two children, Luna and Miles. This happened simultaneously while they were exploring surrogate options.

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Chrissy expressed immense gratitude towards Alexandra, the surrogate who carried Wren, describing her as the “most compassionate, caring, and extraordinary surrogate we could have ever hoped for”.

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However, the surrogacy journey had its hurdles too. Chrissy shared that Alexandra’s first embryo transfer was unsuccessful, and she had to undergo medical procedures to ensure a successful second transfer. Their joy knew no bounds when they found out the procedure was successful and baby Wren was born on June 19.

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In the end, Chrissy thanked Alexandra for the “unbelievable gift” and in a heart-touching note to Jack, acknowledged his heavenly presence, believing both their “angelic blessings come from you.”

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