Breaking News: Houston Rapper Big Pokey Collapses Onstage… You Won’t Believe the Details

The Houston music scene mourns the loss of its cherished local talent, Milton Powell, fondly known as Big Pokey, who tragically passed away after a sudden fall while performing on stage.

In the unfortunate incident that unfolded in a Beaumont bar on a late Saturday night, the Texas-born rapper was performing his heart out on a two-story stage. He was seen animatedly engaging with the DJ, microphone in hand, until a shocking moment came when he gasped into the mic, lost his balance and fell onto the stage, losing consciousness.

Initial reactions from the audience appeared to trivialize the incident as mere clumsiness. However, as it became evident that Pokey was unresponsive, the initial giggles turned into fearful whispers and desperate attempts to revive him.

In an act of solidarity, a woman identifying herself as a nurse rushed to the scene to provide medical assistance. Her efforts, and those of other concerned onlookers attempting to awaken Pokey, were sadly fruitless. Paramedics arrived shortly after midnight and immediately rushed him to a nearby hospital, but despite their efforts, he could not be saved.

The specifics surrounding the cause of his death remain unclarified. Big Pokey’s representatives confirmed his untimely demise, expressing their grief with heartfelt words, “Our beloved Milton ‘Big Pokey’ Powell has left us. He was a man cherished by family, friends, and a dedicated fan base. Details regarding his life’s celebration and ways for the public to honor him will be shared in the following days. We request respect for his family’s privacy in these hard times. Big Pokey will always remain ‘The Hardest Pit in the Litter!'”

Bun B, another Houston-based rapper and friend, shared his sorrow online, “This loss hit hard. He was one of the city’s most naturally talented artists, a humble titan of a man, exuding honor and respect. It was easy to love him, hard to hate. A cornerstone of our city, an iconic member of the SUC, his absence will be deeply felt. You’ll always be remembered, Sensei. Rest in peace.”

Big Pokey was a revered figure in the local music scene, widely credited for pioneering the chopped-and-screwed style alongside DJ Screw that put Southern music on the global map. Throughout his illustrious career, he released numerous musical projects, solidifying his status as a Houston legend.

Big Pokey was only 45 at the time of his death. Rest in Peace.

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