Breaking News: Lindsay Lohan’s pregnancy countdown reveals exciting details

Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan, who is currently pregnant, is looking forward to welcoming a baby boy with her spouse, Bader Shammas.

The 36-year-old celebrity, renowned for her role in Mean Girls, tied the knot with Shammas in 2022. The couple is eagerly waiting for their firstborn son, who is due any time now, according to TMZ.

For the past eight years, Lindsay has made Dubai her home. In March, she shared the joyous news of expecting her first child.

The couple’s romance blossomed after their engagement in November 2021, which ultimately led to their marriage in July of the following year.

During that time, Lindsay expressed her feelings of joy and gratitude, saying, “I am the luckiest woman in the world. You found me and knew that I was in search of happiness and grace.” She expressed these sentiments along with a charming picture of her with Shammas.

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Representatives for Lindsay have been approached by for further comments.

In awe of her marriage, Lindsay expressed, “I am amazed that you are my husband. You are my everything. Every woman should experience this feeling every day.”

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In March, Lindsay joyfully shared the news of her pregnancy. She posted a picture of a white baby onesie with ‘Coming soon…’ printed on it, adding, “We are blessed and excited!”

Talking to, she revealed, “We are thrilled about our forthcoming family member. We are eagerly anticipating this new phase in our lives.” She further added, “We are extremely grateful for this miracle in our lives and we can’t wait to embrace parenthood.”

During a recent interview with Allure Magazine, Lindsay shared, “I am eagerly waiting to experience motherhood. It’s an overwhelming feeling, but in a positive way.”

Lindsay has been seeking parenting guidance from her Freaky Friday co-star, Jamie Lee Curtis.

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She shared a conversation she had with Curtis, who advised, “You just bring the baby with you and everything will be fine.”

Recalling her pregnancy announcement to her husband, Bader Shammas, Lindsay admitted it was not as exciting as she had imagined. “It was quite mundane. I walked in, tossed the test, and said, ‘Guess what?’ His reaction was, ‘We are?'”

Lindsay has been residing in Dubai for the past eight years, and she announced in March that she was expecting her first child.

Discussing her daily routine after moving from Los Angeles, Lindsay said, “Sometimes, it feels like The Truman Show, as it’s the same thing every day. But I love it. I am fond of structure, something I felt I lacked when I was younger. Everything was happening so fast. My only structure was filming and being on set.”

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