Cardi B’s jaw-dropping performance of a Whitney Houston classic will leave you speechless

Never one to miss a beat, Cardi B took a spontaneous plunge into street performance while stepping out from the Thom Browne Fashion Show in Paris, France. She spontaneously gave an impromptu rendition of a Whitney Houston favorite, right on the French streets.

Making her exit from the renowned designer’s show on a recent Monday, she spoke to a photographer about her positive experience at the event. However, as she was about to get into her vehicle, a local street performer enticed her into an impromptu performance.

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Though Cardi initially declined, citing stage fright as her reason, anyone who’s familiar with her vibrant personality wouldn’t be surprised that she eventually gave in. She then treated the crowd to the opening lines of the iconic song “I Will Always Love You.”

Onlookers only got a snippet of Cardi’s version of the song, as she playfully shrugged off her performance and quickly hopped into her waiting car.

It seems safe to infer that Cardi is doing much better this week than the last. News surfaced that she had a heated confrontation with her husband Offset on social media, who accused her publicly of past infidelity.

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She vehemently denied these accusations, and even warned him of a potential bottle-smack if he ever dared to repeat such claims in person. It seems her escape to Paris couldn’t have come at a better time.

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