Dоg Fоսnd Almоst Dеad And Tіеd іnsіdе A Plastіc Bag, Has A Nеw оppоrtսnіtу

In Transylvania, Romania, a young dog was tragically found confined inside a plastic trash bag in July.

Upon investigation, rescuers were horrified to find a broken leg and maggots consuming her. The poor creature was undernourished, parched, and had sustained a severe cranial injury.

“It seems she might have faced deliberate harm, likely an attempt on her life,” Helen Taylor shared with Bored Panda.

The pup was immediately brought to Transylvania Animal Care for urgent medical attention.

Medical professionals prioritized alleviating her brain swelling, followed by the removal of the flesh-eating maggots. Honoring her indomitable spirit, they named her “Anora,” meaning “light.”

Eventually, she found her forever home in England with Helen Taylor’s compassionate family. Recently, Anora had a successful leg operation and is on the mend.

Once on the brink of death and unable to move, Anora is now a rejuvenated dog, embraced by a caring family, and will soon prance joyfully.

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