Discover Kylie Jenner’s shocking $41K Rolex find that has TikTok in a frenzy

Kylie Jenner treats her fans to an exclusive glimpse inside her handbag through a TikTok video, but let’s just say it’s a far cry from relatable.

The video kicks off with Kylie proudly displaying her beloved Bottega Veneta purse, declaring it her all-time favorite. She praises its beauty and functionality, emphasizing that it effortlessly accommodates all her essentials. In a refreshingly candid moment, Kylie admits, “This ‘what’s in my bag’ is truly honest because I haven’t cleaned or sorted through it.”

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The first item Kylie pulls out is something we can all understand: hand sanitizer, unsurprisingly from her own brand. However, the subsequent revelation is where the relatability takes a nosedive. Delving deeper into her bag, Kylie uncovers what appears to be a jaw-dropping $41,500 gold Rolex watch. It turns out that Stormi, Kylie’s daughter, had casually borrowed it for a party and left it forgotten at the bottom of the bag.

Chuckling at the situation, Kylie shares, “I have Stormi’s little watch in here. Well, it was actually my watch, but she wore it. Look at how tiny her wrist is! She wore it to a birthday party and then decided she didn’t want to wear it anymore.”

As expected, Kylie’s followers had plenty to say about this intriguing revelation.


“The Rolex…in the bag…just like that. 😳😅”
“Stormi casually wearing a Rolex to a bday party. 😭”
“Stormi having a Rolex such a slay.”
“The casual Rolex watch thrown in the purse lol.”
“The possible scratches on that Rolex from being tossed around casually KILLS ME.”
“Wish my mum let me borrow her Rolex instead of giving me a Micky Mouse watch.”
“Lmao the first thing she pulls out is a Rolex I love her.”


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