Discover the breathtaking adventure that took me 3,700 miles for Taylor Swift’s concert

As Taylor Swift queried the Detroit audience, “Did anyone here make a Herculean effort to join us tonight?” the response was unequivocally affirmative.

A buddy of mine covered 1,179 miles from Florida to experience the concert. One woman on my flight had hauled her grandsons all the way from Jamaica. A Mexican mother and daughter were seated in my segment of the audience. And my journey from London stretched across 3,748 miles and a total of 47 exhausting hours to witness the fully booked concert.

The arduous journey, which consisted of over nine hours in the air, numerous flight postponements, a seven-hour layover, and a total of 24 hours of wakefulness before reuniting with my friend at our lodging, was like a marathon. But sleep was a distant thought on this special night.

Did the taxing journey, time difference, and hefty expenses justify the experience? My enchantment at being part of it was enough for me.

Join me on my 47-hour escapade in Detroit…

As Taylor unveiled the “Eras Tour,” I had initially planned to bide my time until her UK performance, especially considering the disappointment many US Swift fans faced due to Ticketmaster’s queue debacle.

However, when her tour started, my social media was inundated with videos of her performing her 44-song set non-stop for three hours. It dawned on me that missing out on this show would result in a regretful summer.

My best friend, Teresa, was quick to agree. We dialed up our excitement levels in a FaceTime call one April evening, glasses of wine in hand, and snagged the most budget-friendly resale tickets we could find for Night Two at Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan.

I redeemed my credit card reward points for a round trip on JetBlue to the Midwest, and Teresa managed to book a stay at the Aloft David Whitney, just a short stroll from the venue, for the concert night.


On Friday, June 9, I embarked on the longest weekend getaway of my life with a 7am flight from Heathrow.

Arriving in Boston around 9am local time, my connecting flight suffered multiple delays. Long story short, I had an intimate encounter with Logan Airport’s Terminal C. After a visit to the lounge, four margaritas, and roughly ten hours, I finally touched down in Detroit.

To keep expenses low and maximize rest, we opted for a stay at the Delta Hotel at the airport that first night. Teresa, bursting into our room at around 11pm, embraced me enthusiastically – it had been months since our last meeting.

Completely worn out, we went to bed and woke up around 8am to gear up for the concert. As I glanced over at Teresa, I squealed in excitement, “Today’s the day!”

Powered by Starbucks cold brew, our room was transformed into a DIY hub. We crafted t-shirts inspired by Taylor’s legendary “22” music video and adorned our clear, stadium-approved handbags with lyrics from her Midnights album.

We paraded around in a series of outfits inspired by various eras, modeling for each other, until we settled on a bejeweled look. Yes, we did infuse some shimmer into the whole place.

Around noon, we vacated the hotel, hailed an Uber to downtown and checked into the Whitney. The staff at the magnificent, late-1880s building got us to agree to a ‘no glitter’ policy before handing us complimentary glasses of prosecco.

Upon reaching our room on the eighth floor, we could hear Taylor’s songs booming from other rooms as fans got ready for the day’s festivities. We dropped our luggage and sauntered over to Campus Martius Park, a short.Here is your unique rewrite of the article:

Taylor Swift posed the question to her Detroit audience, “Who among you has made an incredible journey to be here tonight?” The response was an unequivocal “Yes.”

A pal of mine had journeyed 1,179 miles from Florida specifically for the performance. There was a lady on my flight who had brought her grandchildren all the way from Jamaica. A mother-daughter duo in my concert section had come from Mexico. As for me, I had flown a whopping 3,748 miles from London, spending a total of 47 hours, just to witness the sold-out event.

I had been airborne for over nine hours, faced several flight delays, endured a seven-hour layover, and had been awake for a round-the-clock 24 hours before reuniting with my friend at our hotel. Sleep was off the table that night.

Was the travel, the jet lag, and the hefty expense worth it? The answer is yes, I was absolutely thrilled to be there.

So pack your bags (and take my hand), as I guide you through my 47-hour Detroit adventure…

When Taylor unveiled her Eras Tour, I initially planned to wait until her UK concert — particularly after the Ticketmaster fiasco that left numerous US-based Swift fans devastated.

But as the tour began and my social media started filling with videos of her 44-song marathon performance over three hours without breaks, it became evident that I needed to witness the concert or face a bitter summer.

Thankfully, my best friend Teresa was on board. After a video call one evening in April and a few glasses of wine, we purchased the most affordable resale tickets we could find: Night Two at Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan.

I redeemed my credit card reward points for a roundtrip JetBlue flight to the Midwest and Teresa managed to book a room at the Aloft David Whitney, conveniently located less than a 10-minute walk from the concert venue, for the night of the show.


On Friday, June 9, I embarked on my journey from Heathrow on a 7am flight, which marked the start of my most extended weekend getaway.

I touched down in Boston around 9am local time. After several delays and an unexpectedly intimate acquaintance with Logan Airport’s Terminal C, a visit to the lounge, four margaritas, and approximately ten hours later, I finally reached Detroit.

To economise and maximise sleep, we opted to stay at the Delta Hotel near the airport on the first night. Teresa arrived around 11pm, and after months of not seeing each other, we shared a heartfelt hug. Both tired, we retired for the night and woke up around 8am to prepare for the concert. Looking at her, I couldn’t contain my excitement: “Today’s the day!”

Fuelled by Starbucks cold brew, our room transformed into a makeshift craft station. We made t-shirts mimicking Taylor’s iconic 22 music video and embellished our clear, stadium-approved bags with lyrics from her Midnights album.

We embarked on a dressing spree, modelling era-inspired outfits for each other, before finally settling on a glittery ensemble. Yes, we did turn the room into a glittering haven.

By lunchtime, we checked out of our hotel, hailed an Uber into the city centre, and checked into our room at the Whitney. The hotel staff, mindful of their glitter policy, treated us to complimentary prosecco before we headed to our room.

Once inside, the sound of Taylor’s lyrics filled the air, echoing from the rooms of other concert attendees. After dropping off our stuff, we headed out to Campus Martius Park nearby, where we enjoyed lunch at a quaint beach bar serving delectable food, fun cocktails, and, of course, to avoid output length limit

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