Discover the Untold Stories: The Shocking Reality of Sweden’s Sex Championships

In a bold move to challenge societal stigmas surrounding sex, a man in Sweden has submitted an application to recognize sex as an official sport. This unconventional endeavor by Dragan Bratic, the owner of multiple strip clubs in Jönköping, aims to encourage people to view sex as a physical activity that can contribute to fitness and well-being.

Bratic emphasizes the profound physical and mental impact that sex has on individuals on a daily basis. In January, he sought membership for his association in the National Sports Confederation, asserting that engaging in sex can be considered a legitimate sport, comparable to any other athletic pursuit. He stated, “We are registered, have an organization number, and it’s perfectly acceptable to train and compete in sex; therefore, it should be recognized as a sport.”

Together with the Swedish Sex Federation, Bratic proposed the idea of hosting a six-week sex championship in the country. The championship would encompass various disciplines, including seduction, body massages, foreplay, oral sex, and endurance. Judges would evaluate participants based on creativity, artistic communication, sexual positions, and overall performance. The aim is to celebrate the diverse aspects of sexual activity and recognize the importance of chemistry, knowledge, and endurance in intimate relationships.

There were even suggestions that couples well-versed in the ancient Indian scripture on sex and eroticism, the Kamasutra, would receive bonus points. To ensure a comprehensive competition, six-hour daily sessions and individual matches lasting 45 to 60 minutes were proposed.

Unfortunately, the National Sports Confederation rejected the application in April, citing its failure to meet their requirements and expressing a lack of interest. Björn Eriksson, the former chief of the sports body, stated, “We have other priorities and obligations that take precedence over this application.”

Commenting on the sports-like nature of sex, Dr. Maryanne Fisher explains that unlike conventional sports, engaging in sexual activity can also boost self-esteem, cardiovascular health, emotional intimacy, improve sleep quality, and enhance immunity.

Although Bratic’s proposal to establish sex as an official sport faced rejection, it succeeded in sparking a debate about the role of sex in society. By pushing boundaries and challenging societal norms, individuals like Bratic aim to shed light on the physical and emotional benefits of sex and destigmatize the topic in an open and progressive manner.

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