Discover the Untold Story Behind NFL Star Maxx Crosby’s Massive Torso Tattoo

NFL star Maxx Crosby has recently committed to a permanent daily motivator, having images of sports legends Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali, and Kobe Bryant inked across his torso!

The Las Vegas Raiders’ ace pass rusher completed the spectacular tattoo project last week. He entrusted the job to Andres Ortega from Onder Ink, and the outcome is truly remarkable, showcasing an exceptional blend of artistry and sports reverence.

Positioned just above his right hip, Crosby chose an image capturing Jordan executing a free throw. To its left, the NFL player opted for a memorable capture of Ali. Over his left hip, he had an image of Kobe, caught in a moment of exultation, etched in ink.

Ortega explained that the triptych tattoo’s rationale was uncomplicated. Crosby sought a constant reminder to keep his eyes on his own journey towards excellence, a token to remind him to strive to be one of the greatest. In alignment with this sentiment, the words “Be Legendary” were inked near his rib cage.

However, these tributes to sports giants were not the only tattoos he had done. Crosby also had Ortega create a beautiful homage to his newborn daughter, placed prominently on his chest. This personal tribute was completed with the addition of a rose and diamonds.

Ortega stated that the whole process took roughly 11 hours to finish.

Crosby, who is 25 years old, added a couple of personal touches to the massive piece. His jersey number, 98, and the abbreviation of his home state of Texas were also added to the extensive body art. Clearly thrilled with the final product, Crosby flaunted his new tattoos in a shirtless snapshot on Father’s Day.


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