Dog Hit By Car While In Labor, Gives Birth To ‘One Heck Of A Miracle’

New life often emerges against all odds. Sometimes, the journey to motherhood can be challenging, even perilous.

Such is the tale of a stray chihuahua, as narrated by Fuzz Ball Animal Rescue.

The unfortunate dog met with a tragic accident when a fast-moving car hit her while she was crossing the road. The impact left her with a permanently damaged left hind leg. What’s more, she was expecting and, due to the trauma, went into labor prematurely.

The unborn puppy was too big for the injured chihuahua to deliver naturally, pushing her into a state of shock. It was a stroke of luck that Fuzz Ball Animal Rescue was there to intervene.

With their timely help, the puppy was safely delivered via a caesarean section. To give the brave chihuahua a better quality of life, the decision was made to amputate her damaged leg. Today, both mother and child are doing well.

Sharing their joy, Fuzz Ball Animal Rescue expressed on their Facebook, “Witnessing such resilience is nothing short of miraculous!”

Despite her struggles—from being homeless, surviving a road accident, birthing a larger-than-average pup, going through a C-section, to enduring an amputation—this tiny chihuahua showcased immense courage and resilience. Truly, she is a fighter.

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