Don’t miss out on the exclusive details of Kevin Costner’s high-stakes divorce. Find out why his wife is asking for $248K a month in child support

Christine Baumgartner, the soon-to-be ex-wife of Kevin Costner, is demanding a hefty sum of nearly $250,000 per month for child support, a figure Costner has branded as exorbitant in his legal documents.

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Baumgartner has recently filed legal documents seeking to compel Costner to provide $248,000/month to support their three children. She argues that this considerable amount is the only way for her and the kids to maintain a lifestyle that is somewhat comparable to the standard they would enjoy under Costner’s care. This claim, she adds, does not factor in additional expenses such as private schooling, healthcare, and sports-related activities, which she also expects him to cover.

People close to the situation have informed TMZ that Costner is already shouldering 100% of the children’s expenses. Beyond these costs, Costner has expressed willingness, in his own legal documents, to contribute an additional $38k per month.

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Baumgartner suggests that Costner’s substantial wealth is more than sufficient to meet her demands. She asserts that Costner raked in a total income of $19.5 million last year, while their collective family expenses amounted to $6.6 million. Costner, on the other hand, firmly believes that these monetary issues should not be conflated with child support.

It appears that the family has been leading an extravagant lifestyle, with Baumgartner revealing regular trips to exotic locations like Hawaii, Aspen, and the Caribbean, where they often engage the services of private caterers and chefs for their guests.

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The maintenance of their numerous properties is also a costly affair, amounting to around $2 million per year, according to Baumgartner.

This increasingly contentious divorce seems to be becoming more bitter with each passing week. Costner has recently lodged his own legal documents claiming that Baumgartner is refusing to vacate one of his properties, despite a clause in their prenuptial agreement, which he insists mandates her departure by a specified date post-filing for divorce.

While Baumgartner maintains that she lacks the financial means to relocate, Costner counters that she possesses $1.45 million in her bank account, suggesting that she has ample resources to secure a new place.


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