End of an Era: Cheems, the Meme Legend, Loses Fight to Cancer – Details Inside!

The internet’s beloved meme dog, Cheems, has passed away after his fight with cancer.

Sadly, on Friday, during a medical procedure, the famed pup breathed his last. His owners disclosed that he gently drifted into sleep during the operation, never to awaken.


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Cheems first captured the internet’s heart in 2017, when a uniquely candid photo of him circulated, evolving into a meme sensation that remains popular even now.

Often referred to as Pup Balltze or simply Balltze, this shiba inu became iconic for his penchant for cheeseburgers, leading to the creation of his meme character, Cheemsburger.

His caretakers shared a touching message: “Rather than mourning, let’s cherish the happiness Balltze spread. A Shiba Inu with an infectious grin, bridging hearts globally. He was a beacon of joy during the trying pandemic times. His purpose on Earth is fulfilled.”

The family envisions Cheems in a peaceful afterlife, joyfully running in vast open spaces and feasting with newfound companions.

As expected, social media is ablaze with tributes, with many sharing their favorite Cheems memes to honor him.

Cheems was 12 years old.


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