Exclusive: Sami Sheen, daughter of Hollywood stars, shocks the internet with her jaw-dropping career choice on TikTok

Sami Sheen, the daughter of famous actors Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards, recently shared a TikTok video documenting her preparation for her unconventional career on Thursday.

In the video, Sheen addressed her fans’ persistent requests for topless photos and teased a forthcoming “big reveal.” She celebrated the one-year anniversary of her OnlyFans account, where she shares exclusive content with her subscribers.

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As she addressed her role as a sex worker, the 19-year-old model acknowledged the curiosity surrounding her censored breasts. She assured her audience that she has clever ways of revealing herself while still maintaining a level of discretion, stating that she shows “pretty much everything.”

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In addition to her discussions about her professional endeavors, Sheen disclosed her plans to undergo breast implant surgery. She expressed her desire to wait until the enhancement is complete, allowing her to showcase her confidence in the content she shares.

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Delving into personal details, the young star shared her intention to undergo laser hair removal, expressing her frustration with the constant need to shave her entire body for work. She found the process time-consuming and annoying, and looked forward to the game-changing effects of laser hair removal.

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Despite her apparent comfort in front of the camera, Sheen admitted that creating video content was her least favorite aspect due to feeling awkward during the process.

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These surprising revelations come after Sheen’s venture into OnlyFans last year. She has been actively posting on the subscription-based platform, capturing attention for her collaboration with her mother, Denise Richards, who gained fame as a Bond girl and previously posed for Playboy.

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Sheen’s decision to join OnlyFans was met with opposition from her father, Charlie Sheen, who expressed dissatisfaction with her choice. Recently, Sami revealed that her father remains unconvinced.

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In contrast, Denise has been significantly more supportive of her daughter’s decision to engage with OnlyFans. The former spouse of Charlie Sheen, who was married to him from 2002 to 2006, took to social media to defend Sami’s choices. Denise acknowledged the negative comments and expressed her admiration for her daughter’s confidence. She drew comparisons to her own experiences in films such as “Wild Things” and her Playboy feature, emphasizing that her ex-husband should refrain from passing judgment.

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Denise expressed awe at her daughter’s ability to disregard the criticisms, noting the potential destructive nature of online negativity. She further highlighted her recent discovery of OnlyFans and questioned the distinction between posting bikini pictures on Instagram versus sharing content on the platform. Denise pondered the financial gains that social media platforms themselves make from users’ content. As a result, she jokingly suggested the idea of opening her own OnlyFans account.

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Surprisingly, Denise ended up joining OnlyFans a few days after her daughter started her own account, perhaps signaling her deeper understanding and support for Sami’s choices.

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Meanwhile, Sami has been enjoying a vacation in Hawaii, as evident from her social media posts. She shared a series of snapshots showcasing her idyllic retreat in Honolulu.

From frolicking in the crystal-clear ocean waters to posing against breathtaking sunset backdrops in revealing outfits that highlighted her toned abs, Sami appeared to be relishing every moment. She referred to Hawaii as her “second home” in her captions.


The visual narrative began with a video capturing Sami diving into the tranquil waters and emerging with water droplets adorning her face.

In one photo, she explored the rocky terrain while sporting a cheeky thong bikini bottom, revealing her tattooed back. Additionally, she shared an image of herself enjoying a candlelit soak in a tub.

In a stunning shot, Sami posed on the beach during sunset, wearing a white tube top and flowing tiered skirt. Another golden-hour picture featured her bathed in sunlight, with her blonde locks cascading over a grey sweatshirt.

Her Hawaiian adventure was not limited to leisurely beach moments; she also engaged in exhilarating activities such as zip-lining, bike riding along the shoreline, and encountering a tortoise up close.

In conclusion, Sami Sheen’s recent social media updates shed light on her unique career as a sex worker, her reflections on personal choices, and her exciting getaway to the picturesque Hawaiian paradise.

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