Fans roast Kendall Jenner’s Jacqueмus runway show look: It’s ‘giʋing diaper’

Kendall Jenner graced the catwalk at the Jacqumus fashion event at Chateau de Versailles on Monday, donning a dreamy white mini dress that left several social media users puzzled.

“That looks like a diaper,” remarked one individual on Vogue India’s Instagram snap showcasing the 27-year-old model in the striking, super-short outfit with visible underlayers.

Another quipped on American Vogue’s shared video, “Has Kendall encountered a foul odor?”, to which someone responded, “Perhaps because of the oversized nappy look?”

Kendall took the spotlight at the Jacqumus event in Versailles, but her attire left quite a few spectators bemused.

Celebrity couple, Victoria and David Beckham, were among those viewing the event from a distance.

Kendall, founder of 818 Tequila, confidently showcased the ethereal ensemble.

Amid the myriad of diaper comparisons, other witty remarks included, “Is Kendall impersonating a bath accessory?” and “Has Kendall transformed into a life-size hair tie?”

One Twitter user humorously noted, “It seems like there’s a mishap in folding the sheet,” referring to the dress’s texture reminiscent of a bath puff.

Joining Kendall on the runway was Gigi Hadid, with celebrities like Claire Foy, Emily Ratajkowski, Eva Longoria, Karol G, and the Beckhams in the audience.

The unique design certainly got tongues wagging on the internet.

This isn’t the first time the reputed partner of Bad Bunny has faced criticism for her choice in high-fashion wear. In February, Kendall showcased a $5,760 single-legged Alaïa jumpsuit on Instagram, leading fans to jest, “Who shaves only one leg?”

Later, in December, she sported a plush leather Loewe jacket, and critiques likened the $7,750 piece to a rather unflattering comparison.

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