Guy has spent the last year travelling with a massive spider.

This Australian named Christopher Taylor may appear to be alone, but he is never truly alone in his car! You’ll understand why!

Taylor has been sharing his vehicle with an unlikely copilot for the last year or so. It’s a massive huntsman spider. Steve is her name, and he is now Taylor’s best friend.

She appeared on the dashboard about a year ago when he stopped at a light. He claims that Huntsman spiders are not dangerous or harmful to humans. So he decided to leave her alone.

In general, she prefers to remain hidden beneath Taylor’s sun visor. Even though the car does not appear to be the most spider-friendly environment, Steve appears to have thrived there!

image 74

Taylor claims that she has doubled in size during their many months together.

While Taylor has grown accustomed to Steve’s innocuous presence in his car over the last year, those who are unfamiliar with her continue to be impressed. Passengers in his car are frequently startled or scream when they see her.

Steve is excellent at staying alert while driving. “It’s more exciting to drive with her in there,” Taylor said.

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Steve may decide to return to the outdoors at some point. Alternatively, you could purchase a newer model car. But, in the meantime, Taylor is having fun riding alongside him!

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