Is Carrie Fisher’s Final Film Performance Her Most Magical Yet

The final film featuring the late Carrie Fisher, titled “Wonderwell,” offers audiences a glimpse of the iconic actress in the role of a benevolent witch, sharing the screen with Rita Ora.

The movie’s trailer made its debut this past Friday, paving the way for the film’s premiere in theaters and online streaming platforms, over seven years following Fisher’s passing.

The narrative centers around Violet, portrayed by Kiera Milward, and her sibling Savannah, brought to life by Nell Tiger Free. The plot follows their journey to a vintage hamlet for a fashion photoshoot featuring Savannah. Ora takes on the role of the fashion impresario orchestrating the shoot.

Per the official summary, “Feeling overlooked and unengaged, Violet strays from the historic Tuscan town, venturing into the neighboring woods where she stumbles upon the mysterious Hazel (Fisher), who might just be the legendary woodland witch.”

Fisher had wrapped up filming for the movie in 2016 before suffering a fatal heart attack on December 27 of the same year. The movie’s release had been postponed due to her untimely demise and the subsequent global Covid-19 crisis.

“Wonderwell” is slated for launch in a number of select theaters and will be available for digital streaming from June 23 onwards.

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