Is Lindsay Lohan’s pregnancy the biggest surprise of the year

Lindsay Lohan, the renowned actress famous for her role in Mean Girls, has expressed her joy and anticipation as she embarks on the journey of motherhood. In a captivating new photo shoot for Allure Magazine, the 36-year-old star proudly displays her baby bump, radiating confidence and beauty. The cover image captures Lindsay resting one hand on her exposed belly, adorned in a stylish cropped black top and low-slung trousers.

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Overwhelmed by a surge of emotions, Lindsay candidly admits, “I am eagerly awaiting the experience of becoming a mother. It fills me with happiness, often bringing tears of joy to my eyes. That’s just the way I am. At this moment, though, I suspect these emotions are magnified due to my pregnancy. It’s an overwhelmingly positive sensation.”

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Excited to embrace her new role, Lindsay shares that she has sought parenting advice from her co-star and onscreen mother in Freaky Friday, Jamie Lee Curtis, who is 64 years old. Reflecting on their conversation, she recalls, “I recently spoke to Jamie Lee Curtis, and she reassured me, saying, ‘Just bring the baby with you, and everything will fall into place.'”

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However, Lindsay amusingly reveals that her husband, financier Bader Shammas, had a slightly underwhelming reaction when she broke the news of her pregnancy to him. She recounts the moment, saying, “It wasn’t as thrilling as I expected. I entered the room, tossed the pregnancy test down, and said, ‘Guess what?’ His response was, ‘We are?'”


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Having resided in Dubai for the past eight years, Lindsay shares her perspective on her day-to-day life in comparison to her previous hustle and bustle in Los Angeles. She confesses, “Sometimes, I refer to it as ‘The Truman Show’ because it feels like the same routine every day. But I genuinely love it. I thrive on structure, something I felt was lacking during my youth. Everything was moving so rapidly, and I had numerous things happening simultaneously. The only semblance of structure I had was on film sets while shooting.”

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Lindsay and Bader Shammas became engaged in November 2021, and their wedding took place in July of the same year. Overwhelmed with gratitude and affection, Lindsay expressed her sentiments in an Instagram caption, “I am the luckiest woman in the world. You found me and understood that I yearned for happiness and serenity, all at once.” The accompanying photo showcased the couple in an adorable pose, exuding love and happiness.

In March, Lindsay ecstatically announced her pregnancy, sharing an image of a white onesie with black lettering that read, “Coming soon…” In the caption, the actress expressed, “We are blessed and thrilled!” Speaking to the at the time, she stated, “We are incredibly excited to welcome our new family member into the world and embark on this next chapter of our lives!” Lindsay concluded, “This blessing has brought immeasurable happiness into our lives, and we eagerly await the joys of parenthood.”

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