Is Pete Davidson’s Mental Health in Crisis? Find Out Here

The well-known comedian Pete Davidson has voluntarily checked himself into a rehabilitation facility, citing his ongoing struggles with mental health as the main reason. This news has been verified by several sources privy to his condition.

Davidson, known for his forthright discussions about his personal battles, has been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This update was initially shared by Page Six.

Those close to Davidson, including his girlfriend Chase Sui Wonders and other friends, are providing unwavering support during this challenging time. They revealed that he habitually seeks professional help to manage his conditions and strive towards personal growth.

Throughout his career, Davidson hasn’t shied away from addressing his mental health struggles publicly. His candidness has been evident in his ‘Weekend Update’ segments on the popular variety show he’s part of.

In an insightful discussion on the “Actors on Actors” Variety series in 2021, he had an open conversation with Glenn Close, sharing the relief he felt upon receiving his BPD diagnosis.

In other news, TMZ previously reported a heated interaction between Davidson and PETA. The organization criticized him for choosing to purchase a dog from a pet shop rather than adopting from a shelter. Davidson responded passionately, explaining the reasons behind his decision in a heartfelt voice mail.

In addition, Davidson has recently faced legal issues. He was charged with reckless driving following a severe accident that resulted in his vehicle crashing into a residence in Beverly Hills last March.

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