Jamie Foxx’s secret health battle revealed: Find out how he’s bouncing back

“Jamie is taking a rest, he’s in good health. And he will be making a comeback. You can count on it,” Porscha Coleman shared with “Entertainment Tonight” during Sunday’s BET Awards regarding Jamie Foxx’s current condition.

Actress Porscha Coleman provided some news about her previous co-star, Jamie Foxx, in light of his recent health concerns.

During Sunday’s 2023 BET Awards, Coleman spoke to Entertainment Tonight, revealing that she has been in touch with those near Foxx and they reassured her that he’s in “good shape.”

Coleman expressed no surprise that Foxx and his family had decided to remain silent about the specifics of his health issues, noting that “Foxx has always been a private person, even when it comes to his personal relationships.”

“When I first got wind of the news, naturally, I made contact, but Foxx’s approach is precisely the way it ought to be,” stated Coleman, who starred with Foxx in the 2021 Netflix series Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!

“He’s taking a break, he’s in good condition. And he’ll be making a return. You can count on it,” she added further.

During the shooting of the Netflix film Back in Action, alongside Cameron Diaz and Glenn Close, Foxx encountered a health setback on April 11, which his daughter Corinne Foxx labeled as “a medical issue” in a social media post the next day.

In April, 29-year-old Corinne shared that thanks to “prompt action and excellent care,” Foxx was “in the process of recovery.”

Foxx later expressed his gratitude for the support in an Instagram post on May 3, saying, “Grateful for all the love!!! Feeling blessed.”

A week later, his daughter provided another update, stating, “It’s disheartening to see the media running with unfounded stories. My dad has been recuperating at home for several weeks now,” in response to a report suggesting the family was bracing for “the worst.”

“He was even playing pickleball yesterday! We’re thankful for everyone’s prayers and encouragement! We also have a thrilling work-related announcement to make next week!” Corinne added.

Foxx’s career seems to be gaining even more momentum as he recovers, with his action movie God Is a Bullet currently screening in select theaters.

The Academy Award-winning actor also has several other films lined up, including They Cloned Tyrone, co-starring John Boyega and Teyonah Parris, premiering on Netflix on July 21, and the adult comedy Strays, where Foxx voices a dog named Bug alongside Will Ferrell, hitting the theaters on August 18.

During her conversation with ET at the BET Awards on Sunday, Coleman praised Foxx, saying he is “an individual that I’ve always admired.” Describing him as “an incredible personality to be around because he never does what’s scripted.”

“So, you must understand and be ready: when Jamie is on the move, you better keep up with him!” Coleman expressed. “So, I’m eager to see him back.”

She continued, “He’s got a slew of projects in the pipeline, and loads of music that I’m already familiar with. So, I’m thrilled. Love you, Foxx!”

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