Kendall Jenner’s Latest Trend: The Unbelievable Beauty Craze Sweeping the Nation

Kendall Jenner is known for her bold style, often flaunting her assets through sheer tops.1 28

Here’s the deal:

This distinctive style has become a trend that many young women aspire to emulate.2 28

However, for most women, maintaining such a look isn’t a constant reality. Yet, in the modern era, where there’s a desire, there often comes a solution – and this time, it’s in the form of injections.3 24

A recent trend in cosmetic procedures, “nipple injections”, is gaining momentum. Dr. Norman Rowe, in a New York Post video, delved into the increasing demand for what he refers to as “designer nipples” or the “high beam look.”

A patient shared, “I’m inspired by Kendall Jenner and her confident choice to go braless. While her nipples aren’t overtly visible, their subtle prominence is quite captivating. It adds a touch of sensuality and femininity.”4 25

The procedure involves the use of hyaluronic acid-based fillers to give the nipples added volume. These injections, which can last up to two years, come with a price tag starting at $700 or more. Interestingly, one can even opt for a change in areola color.

Indeed, the lengths we go for fashion!

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