Leaving the acting world!!! Samantha taking an important career decision: Here’s why

South India’s beloved actress Samantha is preparing to take a break from the acting arena. Reports suggest that the actress is taking a break from acting as her web series titled ‘Gushi’ is set to release. Indications are that Samantha is taking time off for medical treatment. Last year, the star shared details of her illness with her fans.

She had subsequently been under treatment at the hospital for several months. After that, she returned to the acting scene very strongly. It was Mahendra, Samantha’s representative, who shared the news about her taking a break.

Samantha won’t be acting for at least a year. As part of the treatment, she will be heading to the USA, and if her health improves, she plans to return to India after six months.

She further informed that she would only consider returning to the acting world after at least a year, focusing on her health progress after the improvement.

Doctors have advised the actress to rest, and she is expected to head to America by the fourth week of August.

The shooting of the currently ongoing web series will conclude in the upcoming days. At present, the actress is busy with the shooting of the movie ‘Gushi’ in Rajamudra. After that, there are big-budget movies lined up for the star.

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