Lip lock and intimate scenes are like doing comedy scenes, if we are afraid, we lose; Thus says Durga Krishna and Swasika

Intimate scenes and lip-lock scenes led to cyberattacks against actress Durga Krishna and Swasika. The lip-lock scenes in the movie ‘Kudukk 2025’ are what brought criticism towards Durga. Swasika came under controversy once the trailer of ‘Chathuram’ was released.

Both Durga and Swasika are currently responding to the controversies. In the movie ‘Kudukk’, Durga acted in the lip-lock scenes alongside actor Krishna Shankar. Durga says doing a lip-lock scene is just like doing a comedy, fight, or emotional scene.

‘I am just doing my job. For me, intimate scenes are just like any other scene. Be it an intimate scene, a lip-lock scene, a fight scene, an emotional scene, or a comedy scene, they are all the same. There is nothing wrong in doing it. The sexual restrictions here might be the reason for the criticisms,’ Durga says.

Swasika says she isn’t afraid of controversies. ‘Chathuram’ is a good film in the A-grade category. What we hear and see are misunderstood matters. If we become scared, then the loss is ours. If we avoid a good character that we get as an artist due to fear, then it’s a loss,’ says Swasika.”

“If you search my name on YouTube, there are intimate scenes from films. In movies, I don’t kiss in the air. I have spoken about this in many interviews. It’s not in the air, I kiss. There’s another actor opposite me.

Just because he’s a man, nobody says anything against him. The freedom they get, I should get too,” says Durga. “Maniratnam sir’s movie is my movie. Thinking there’s a lip-lock scene, should I reject an opportunity? Not just lip-lock, I have done stand scenes in the movie ‘Kudukk’ too.

Nobody talks about that. There’s freedom to criticize bad acting. But what’s happening now is not that. Many are raising criticisms against family members. Just because I’m married, did my husband abandon me? Or am I living sold? That’s what some people ask.

My husband is always supportive in everything. His family has no issues. If such criticisms continue, if my husband says I shouldn’t act anymore, my career and dreams will end.

You’ve seen the comments below Nayanthara’s wedding photos, right? If a man gets married, it will be congratulations. But most of the comments below women’s pictures are negative. We have dreams too, and if questions continue against them, we will fight back,” said Durga.

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