Massive Feline Alert: ‘Patches’ is as Heavy as Your Preschooler and She Just Found Her Forever Home

Kay Ford, a woman enjoying her retirement years, welcomed Patches into her home after seeing him at the Richmond Animal Care and Control center. The cat’s unique size captured her heart instantly.

In Richmond, USA, a hefty feline weighing equivalent to a preschooler has been adopted. Patches, this distinctively sized cat, was brought into safety earlier this month by a local animal rescue, tipping the scales at a staggering 40 pounds. When Kay Ford glimpsed photos of the mammoth cat, she was smitten and knew she had to bring him home. Richmond Animal Care and Control welcomed Patches on April 4, but only showcased his adoption appeal a couple of weeks later, as noted by the Daily Mail UK.

On their Facebook page, Richmond Animal Care and Control gleefully announced, “ADOPTED! Ever dreamed of adopting possibly the biggest cat you’ve ever laid eyes on? Then Patches is your guy.”

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Highlighting the cat’s impressive weight, they continued, “Introducing Patches, weighing in at a whopping 40.3 pounds! He’s now on a strict diet, follows an exercise regimen, and is genuinely kind-hearted. He’s been neutered, vet-checked, microchipped, and is ready for a loving home. Interested parties should get in touch with, ensuring they can aid Patches in achieving a healthier weight. Meanwhile, we’ll continue to be astounded by his grandeur!”

Sharing her excitement, Kay expressed to local reporters, “The moment I saw Patches’ photo, there was an instant connection. Given his unique size and charm, I felt countless others would feel the same.” Living near the shelter and already a cat owner, Kay managed to stake her claim on Patches before others could.

Reflecting on her first in-person meeting with Patches, she mentioned, “He purred instantly when I met him. It felt as if he was saying, ‘I am your cat.'”

While Patches is undeniably large, he isn’t the weightiest cat on record. That title once belonged to a 10-year-old cat named Himmy, who was recognized by the Guinness World Records in 1986. However, the record was halted in 1998 to deter pet owners from unhealthy feeding habits.

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