Meet the masters of camouflage, the Vietnamese Mossy Frogs.

Many animals in nature seem to be experts in disguising themselves. This is a reference to their natural traits or to their capacity to fit into their surroundings (survival method). The latter is a natural advantage of these animals, whereas the former requires time to train and develop. They are adept at using it in an effortless yet efficient manner.

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Image Credits: A Tree Frog Collective

The Vietnamese mossy frog is the subject of this case (Theloderma corticale). The strange creature features green skin with black markings, as well as spines and apparent tubercules. All of these traits assist it in lowering the possibility of being discovered by the predator and increasing its opportunities to seek the prey. They can easily pierce muddy and mossy environments.

image 10
Image Credits: A Tree Frog Collective

These frogs are experts at camouflage thanks in part to their loud call. Their voices can go up to 10 to 13 feet (3 to 4 meters). In the wild, it’s incredibly challenging to spot them.

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Image Credits: Josh More

The Vietnamese mossy frog, as its name suggests, is indigenous to Vietnam, where it typically inhabits the country’s northern regions. In southern Asia, they can also be found in subtropical and evergreen rainforests.

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Image Credits: mamojo

At heights between 2,300 and 3,280 feet, these green frogs prefer to live in flooded caverns and on the banks of rocky mountain streams. At night, they are active.

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Image Credits: Via Tsuji

This species can reach heights of 3.5 inches (7–8 centimetres) and has an estimated lifespan of ten years. It’s interesting to note that the male is slimmer and smaller than the female.

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Image Credits: Katie Chan
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Image Credits: Charlene N Simmons Let’s see more photos of these green frogs below!
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Image Credits: Josh More
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Image Credits: Josh More
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Image Credits: Josh More
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Image Credits: Matt Reinbold
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Image Credits: charlenesimmons
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Image Credits: A Tree Frog Collective
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Image Credits: A Tree Frog Collective
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Image Credits: A Tree Frog Collective

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