Miley Cyrus’s Blue Matrix Revolution: A Glimpse into the Future of Fashion

The editorial crew at POPSUGAR prides themselves on independently handpicking products that they genuinely appreciate, thinking they’ll strike a chord with their readers. Should you decide to acquire a product based on their recommendation, a small affiliate commission might head their way, supporting their editorial endeavors. At the recent Lollapalooza Chile, Miley Cyrus left the audience in awe with her striking performance. She was draped in a radiant blue metallic bodysuit accompanied by high-waist leggings from Maison Close’s illustrious Blue Angel series. Bradley Kenneth, her go-to fashion consultant, accentuated the look with robust Ganni leather boots, sleek black gloves, shimmering silver earrings, a splash of glittering blue eyeshadow, and glossy Oakley shades. Miley’s look was brought full circle with a coordinating blue Diesel bag from their autumn 2022 line. Cyrus’s penchant for catsuits is well-known, with recent appearances in outfits crafted by the likes of Pam Hogg, Maison Close, and the iconic Saint Laurent. Enthusiasts of this fashion statement can secure Miley’s Lollapalooza attire for themselves online.1 9

Did you catch Marcelo Hernandez’s snapshot of Miley Cyrus at Lollapalooza Chile? It’s an image that captures the essence of the moment beautifully.2 6

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Have you chanced upon this exquisite capture by Marcelo Hernandez on Getty Images? It’s nothing short of breathtaking! The vivid hues and impeccable framing stand out, showcasing Marcelo’s unparalleled prowess. His craftsmanship is evident in every pixel, making this image a commendable piece of art. Kudos to Marcelo for his stellar efforts!5 5

This mesmerizing image was beautifully framed by the talented Marcelo Hernandez from Getty Images.6 5

This picture, a testament to the photographic genius of Marcelo Hernandez from Getty, is truly an artistic marvel.

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