Once Abandoned, This Deaf Pooch Fears Another Heartbreak – You Won’t Believe What Happens Next

In the U.S., between 5-10% of dogs suffer from deafness. Some are born with this condition, while others develop it over time. A frequent cause of this hereditary deafness is the cochleosaccular gene mutation, often seen in dogs sporting white fur and mesmerizing blue eyes.

Meet Blu, a striking pit bull bearing this very characteristic – white fur paired with captivating blue eyes. Days turned into weeks, and she continued to wait in the shelter, receiving no visitors.


However, destiny had plans. Mark and Sean, a couple from San Francisco, were specifically looking to adopt a deaf dog. Their search led them to the Family Dog Rescue, where they encountered Blu among others.

From the very first meeting, Blu exhibited an infectious energy and zest for life. She especially seemed to bond with Sean. “From the first moment, she had this undeniable connection with Sean,” Mark shared with GeoBeats Animals.

blue with sean

Blu’s history unraveled when her previous owners reached out to Mark and Sean. For six long years, she had been with them, but due to housing constraints that didn’t allow pit bulls, they had to give her up. This led Blu to become one of the shelter’s longest-residing residents.

This extended period of solitude was the likely cause of her initial hesitance and uncertainty around her new fathers. She was visibly shaken during her first outing with them, especially during the car ride to the beach.

However, as days turned into years, with unwavering love and care from Mark and Sean, Blu’s real personality shone through.

blu with sean 2

Today, three years later, she has an evident love for car rides. The bond between the trio is so strong that they’ve developed an intuitive way to communicate. For Blu, even the subtle shifts in their gait or the smell on their shoes during walks provide her cues.

Sean shares, “She’s like an extension of my soul. I can sense her moods — whether she’s anxious, elated, or downcast. We have this innate understanding of each other.”

To commend her for good behavior, Mark and Sean use unique hand gestures, like wiggling fingers. They also consulted a trainer to teach Blu techniques to calm herself when agitated.


Blu’s inability to hear doesn’t deter her from living a full life. The only noticeable challenge, as Mark observes, is her interaction with other dogs. “Certain subtle cues that dogs use to communicate are sometimes missed by her,” he notes.

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Sean poignantly adds, “Deaf dogs listen with their souls. Their distinctiveness is so captivating that I can’t imagine my life without one.”

Interestingly, the usual canine dread of loud noises, especially fireworks, doesn’t faze Blu.

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The profound love and commitment Mark and Sean show towards Blu are heartwarming. And it’s evident, in every glance and gesture, that the feeling is mutual. Blu is now in a place where she feels cherished, safe, and truly at home.

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Witness the touching tale of Blu, the deaf pit bull, and her doting dads in the video below.

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