Poor Dog Found With Huge Tumor, Vets Say He Needs To Cut A Leg In Treatment!

In Phetchabun Province, Thailand, compassionate rescuers stumbled upon a distressed stray dog burdened with a massive tumor, making every movement a struggle.

Despite the tumor’s noticeable size, it seemed the local community had turned a blind eye, leaving the canine in discomfort for an extended period.

Undeterred by the journey ahead, the rescue team dedicated 6 hours to transport her across 455.5 kilometers, from Phetchabun to Pattaya, ensuring she received the necessary medical attention.

Upon examination, the vets uncovered additional small cancerous growths, including one on her leg, complicating her treatment plan.

The prominent tumor on her abdomen had driven her to a life of solitude on the streets, often without a meal.

Her pained demeanor at the clinic revealed her suffering, yet her appetite remained robust.

To save her life and rid her body of cancer, vets made the difficult decision to amputate her leg.

A month post-operation, the results were heartening. With her wounds healing and the tumor successfully removed, the canine began to acclimate to life on three legs.

She’s slated to return to Phetchabun, where she will be adopted and assured a loving home for the remainder of her days.

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