Ready for an Extravaganza in the Skies? Join the Exclusive MMG Pool Party on a Luxurious 18-Passenger Plane

Rick Ross has elevated his opulence to a whole new level by flaunting an 18-seater airplane, adorned with his personal brand logos and distinct color scheme!

The influential rapper unveiled his impressive acquisition on Friday, introducing it as “Maybach Airlines,” and expressed his gratitude to Duncan Aviation for this splendid deal.

The exuberant Ross was seen shaking a leg on the airstrip, motivating his fans by stating that with the right measure of dedication, they could also own such a vehicle someday.

In the plane’s interior, Ross gave a tour of the intricate design and automated amenities, such as a table that folds itself and window shades that are controlled at the touch of a button.

Just as the dust was settling from his recent auto show, Ross is already in the process of organizing his next mansion event: a pool party sanctioned by MMG on July 2, where he assures that Meek Mill will be part of the entertainment.

In the meanwhile, keep your eyes peeled for a glimpse of the sky, as that’s where you might spot the vivacious Rozay.


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