How to Root Samsung Galaxy A50 Using Magisk

How to Root Samsung Galaxy A50 Using Magisk

Hi there guys! Are you in search of a method to root Samsung Galaxy A50? Cheers as you have come across the correct place where you will find a dedicated guide.

Getting root access is a long process and if you have unlocked those privileges before, you might be aware of the primary challenges. On the other hand, if you are new, we are here to explain everything precisely, so that you won’t face any trouble.

Before you dive into the fascinating world of customization, you need to acquire a few standalone software and apps to apply the rooting process without any issues. Worry not! You will attain all of the necessary information below to get started.

Are you excited to unleash the true power of your phone? Yes, you are. The first thing you need to understand is to grasp the basic info about the root. So, let’s have a look!

What is Root?

There are several system directories, which have individual work conditions according to the operating system. But, the root directory can be considered the heart.

Because, it stores the data from the entire system, users, and apps in a pretty detailed way. However, a normal user might not be able to earn root access due to system restrictions and boundaries. But what if, I tell you that you can bend those laws?

Why Root Samsung Galaxy A50?

As I mentioned earlier, you can’t access the system files due to all of the regulations from the smartphone makers. All it does is limits your creativity and push away the customization traits options that you can effortlessly apply on your phone.

But not anymore! Get the powerful custom ROMs to design the interface from scratch and enjoy the new unexplored with total control over the system settings. Despite this, you have to also think about the downside of rooting your device.

Thus, you should consider check out the pros and cons before applying those changes.

Advantages of Root Samsung Galaxy A50

Start with removing the bloatware apps to create a clean UI experience without any issues. Moreover, you can flash various ROMs to build a personalized interface that works according to your wish, while enhancing the security factor.

Apart from this, you will have complete control over the system settings to modifying anything will be pretty effortless. Besides this, you don’t have to wait for the Android update as you can flash the latest version with rooting privileges.

Disadvantages of Root Samsung Galaxy A50

There are multiple things you have to consider before you utilize those changes in the system because they could lead to warranty violations. Long story short, if you rooted your device, you won’t be able to attain all of those privileges.

On the other hand, some users have also pointed out overheating, and performance lags. Although these things can only consider the tip of the iceberg. But in the worst-case scenario, rooting can cause bootloop and brick problems.

How to Root Samsung Galaxy A50?

With the above part, I hope that you have grasped the benefits and flaws of rooting your device. Now, it’s time to decide on whether unlock access or not.

If you are here, you have made up your mind to unleash those impressive attributes. So, without any further ado, let’s head toward the pre-requirement section.

Before You Root!

  • Make sure your smartphone bootloader is already unlocked. You can also follow our guide to unlock bootloader on any Android phone.
  • Your smartphone battery should be charged to more than 60%.
  • Download and install the Samsung USB driver to your computer system.
  • Don’t forget to take a backup of your important data and files.

Disclaimer: Droidmeguide is not responsible for any bricking or bootloop issue to your phone and you must take all the precautions to avoid damage.

Step #1: Preparing boot image

  • Go to the Samfrew website and enter the model number.
  • Download and extract stock firmware files on your computer.
droid me guide
  • When you extract the zip file, you will have several file options.
droid me guide
  • Inside the new folder, you have to copy the “AP” file.
droid me guide
  • Lastly, transfer the newly extracted “AP” file to the phone.

Step #2: Patching boot image

  • Download and install the Magisk App on your phone.
  • Now, access the application and click on the Install section.
droid me guide
  • Pick the patched file option and go to “AP” file location.
droid me guide
  • Click on Ok! The file was replaced by magisk_patched.tar.
droid me guide
  • Copy the magisk_patched.tar file to your computer.

Step #3: Flash patched boot file

  • Firstly, put your Samsung phone into the Download mode.
  • Extract and open the Odin Flash Tool as shown below screenshot.
droid me guide
  • Connect your phone to the computer through a USB cable.
  • Click on “AP” and select the magisk_patched.tar file location.
droid me guide
  • Inside the options, disable the auto-reboot function.
  • Finally, press the Start button to begin flashing process.

Step #4: Re-installing Magisk

  • Remove the cable and then press the Volume Up and Power buttons.
  • Release Power key and keep pressing Volume Up Key to access recovery.
  • Now, you have to wipe out the data of your Android phone.
  • After this, install the Magisk App and enjoy rooting privileges.

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Ultimately, you have rooted Samsung Galaxy A50 using this guide. With that said, you can start your journey to modify the system and dive into a whole new custom world.

Nonetheless, if you encounter any trouble while following the guide or some steps are not working in your case, you can send your queries in the following comment section.

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