How to Root Samsung Galaxy M13 Using Magisk

In this tech-savvy world, you find yourself lost with the boring interface features right? In that situation, you can root Samsung Galaxy M13 with the below given guide.

Hi there, I hope you are doing well. In this post, we will cover the easiest method from which you can effortlessly enter into the exciting door of rooting and earn impressive system elements that you might not have seen during using your phone.

If you are a newbie, worry not, we have covered everything from scratch to advanced levels, so that you won’t face any issues. But, it’s our accountability to remind you that rooting has drawbacks and if you’ve a single doubt about not rooting, stop right now!

Are you ready to unlock those elegant attributes? Yes, you are! So, let’s begin!

What is Root?

The root is one of the processes of the operating system. It’s a simplistic description. As for the primary working, this directory mostly stores data from the system.

It includes the systems, apps, and users’ data, while all of the files are only accessed through the administer directory. The administer system is known as the root access generally. But, you won’t receive those features in the first place!

Do you also crave those impeccable attributes, so let’s see the reason for rooting!

Why Root Samsung Galaxy M13?

Nobody wants to stick to the boring interface settings, right? You desire to walk near the limitless section of your phone and want to control everything happening inside.

Just like a boss! For that, you will require to unlock the doors for the charming rooting privileges. Once, you have entered that path, there’s nothing that can hold you back from now onwards. Also, experience lots of custom ROMs easily.

Bloatware apps and advertisements are also some of the most common reasons why users want to root Samsung Galaxy M13. But at the same time, if you are rooting your phone, ensue follow the next paragraph.

Before You Start

Before you get started with the installation guide, you have to finish the requirements to easily unlock the root access. So, we highly recommend completing these steps.

Take a complete backup

You don’t want to lose your device data. Right? In that case, the first thing you need to do before starting the root process is to backup your data. To apply, check the guide.

Install Odin on a PC

Odin software is designed to flash stock firmware files (in .tar or .tar.md5 formats) on Android-based Samsung devices and supports any Windows operating system.

Unlocking bootloader

Unlocking the bootloader is a pretty important task while rooting your phone, without this, you won’t be able to unlock the root access. So, grab the complete guide below.

Download Firmware

To acquire root access in Galaxy series you need to download stock firmware package according to the model name. You can choose any option present in the below section.

Disclaimer: Droidmeguide is not responsible for any bricking or bootloop issue to your phone and you must take all the precautions to avoid damage.

How to Root Samsung Galaxy M13?

Now that you have understood both sides of the coin, it’s time for you to pick the side whether you want to unleash those system powers or want to stay unaware.

We appreciate your final decision! But, if you are here, you are willing to root Samsung Galaxy M13. Follow the given pre-requirement to precisely dodge any damage.

Step #1: Preparing boot image

  • You have to grab the stock firmware from the above section.
  • Following this, you have to extract the zip using an unzipper.
droid me guide
  • When you extract the firmware, you have several file options.
droid me guide
  • You have to copy only the AP file from the extracted folder.
droid me guide
  • Lastly, paste it into your Samsung phone’s internal storage.

Step #2: Patching boot image

  • Download and install the Magisk App on your phone.
  • Now, access the application and click on the Install section.
droid me guide
  • Select and Patch a file option and go to AP file location.
droid me guide
  • Click on Ok! The file was replaced by magisk_patched.tar.
droid me guide
  • You need to transfer that patched file to your computer.

Step #3: Flash patched boot file

  • Now, Turn OFF the device and then boot into download mode.
  • Extract and open the Odin Flash Tool as shown below screenshot.
droid me guide
  • Connect your phone to the computer through a USB cable.
  • Click on “AP” and select the magisk_patched.tar file location.
droid me guide
  • Inside the options, disable the auto-reboot function.
  • Finally, press the Start button to begin flashing process.

Step #4: Re-installing Magisk

  • Remove the cable and then press the Volume Up and Power button.
  • Release the Power key and keep pressing Volume Up Key to access recovery.
  • Now, you have to wipe out the data of your Samsung phone.
  • After this, install the Magisk App and enjoy rooting privileges.

Step #5: Checking Root Status

  • You have completed the flashing process, let’s check root status.
  • Download and install the Root Checker application from the Play Store.
  • Open the app and click on Verify Root to confirm the root status.
  • Finally, if the screen is showing a green tick, your device is rooted.

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You didn’t quit and reach here! I’m proud, you’ve successfully rooted Samsung Galaxy M13. Now, enjoy those exciting customization, security, and privacy attributes.

Worry not even if you aren’t able to reach the end goal. Let’s discuss where things go wrong in the following comment section to solve the issue in a pretty hassle-free way.

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