“Shannen Doherty’s Race Against Time: Will Radiation Therapy on Her Brain Stop the Spread of Cancer?”

Shannen Doherty took to Instagram on Tuesday to share an update on her ongoing battle with stage IV breast cancer, revealing a new development in her condition. The 52-year-old actress underwent a CT scan on January 5, which revealed that cancer cells had spread to her brain, a condition known as ‘brain metastases.’ This unfortunate occurrence is common in cases of breast cancer and can result in the formation of tumors in the brain, as explained by the Mayo Clinic.

Shannen expressed her fears despite having a “great” medical team and disclosed that she underwent her first round of radiation therapy on January 12. In a heartbreaking video clip accompanying her post, she is seen receiving the cancer treatment at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, visibly emotional and in tears.


The video clip Shannen referred to was shared the day before and showed her undergoing an MRI scan. She explained that it was part of the process of getting fitted for a mask that she would wear during radiation therapy for her brain. The clip depicted her lying down as doctors placed a blue mold over her face, ensuring it adhered to her mouth and chin. Overwhelmed with emotions, Shannen broke down as the doctors secured the edges of the mask and pinned it to a board behind her head before moving her into the machine.

On Tuesday, Shannen provided an update, stating that the first round of radiation treatment had taken place on January 12, while acknowledging her palpable fear. Radiation therapy employs energy beams to destroy cancer cells and can target either specific areas or the entire brain, depending on the individual’s diagnosis, according to NYU Langone Health.


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Shannen expressed her gratitude for her excellent medical team, including Dr. Amin Mirahdi and the dedicated technicians at Cedars-Sinai, but also shed light on the intense fear, turmoil, and the challenging timing that accompanies such treatment. She concluded her post by emphasizing that this is what cancer can look like, highlighting the harsh realities of the disease.

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This update follows Shannen’s previous accusation in March that SAG-AFTRA, the actors’ union, had canceled her medical insurance due to her income level. SAG-AFTRA’s website states that one must earn a certain amount in their Base Earnings Period to qualify for active plan health coverage. Shannen took to Instagram to voice her concerns, addressing both SAG-AFTRA in general and its president, Fran Drescher, who is herself a cancer survivor and has described herself as an “anti-capitalist.” Shannen questioned why the union would abandon members like herself who are unable to work due to health reasons despite having dedicated their lives to the profession.

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It is important to note that DailyMail.com has reached out to SAG-AFTRA and representatives for Fran Drescher for comment regarding Shannen’s claims.


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Shannen Doherty was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer in 2019, marking a recurrence of the disease two years after her initial diagnosis in 2015. The cancer returned aggressively, as she revealed in an interview with GMA at the time. Shannen also recently went through a separation from her husband Kurt Iswarienko, 48, and subsequently filed for divorce in April. In a statement to TMZ, Shannen’s publicist Leslie Sloane alleged that Kurt’s agent played a significant role in their divorce, stating that it was not the desired outcome for Shannen but was her last resort.

Shannen and Kurt got married in October 2011 in Malibu. Prior to Kurt, Shannen was previously married to actor Ashley Hamilton from 1993 to 1994 and had a second marriage with poker player Rick Salomon from 2002 to

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