She Adopted a Pitbull and Now? He Gives Her Non-Stop Hugs

While volunteering as a dog walker at a Philadelphia animal shelter, Kayla Filoon felt an immediate bond with a pit bull named Russ. “Upon seeing him, I noticed how battered he looked,” Filoon shared with The Dodo. “He had patches of fur missing from his tail and ears. Not to mention, he was incredibly thin.” This 20-year-old student continued, “Yet, there he was, sitting peacefully and just gazing at me. It felt like he was saying, ‘Take me home.'”

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Considering the shelter’s recent decision to euthanize 15 dogs, Filoon recognized the urgency. “Any dog in that state was at risk, and Russ, given his condition, was certainly on that list,” Filoon remarked.

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Without hesitation, she returned the next day to complete the adoption paperwork. Once home, their bond deepened. Filoon recalled, “I was seated, engrossed in my studies, when Russ tried multiple ways to snuggle up to me.” A friend captured this tender moment and shared it online, resulting in it quickly gaining attention. “Russ is the epitome of affection,” said Filoon.

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She hopes that their heartwarming story will encourage more people to consider adopting from shelters.

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When Kayla first laid eyes on Russ at the animal shelter, she knew they were meant to be.

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His rough appearance, marked by lost fur and frailty, tugged at her heartstrings.’

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Despite his condition, Russ’s gentle gaze spoke volumes, prompting Kayla to act swiftly.

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With the shelter’s rising euthanization rate, Kayla sensed the imminent threat to Russ’s life.

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Once she brought Russ home, their bond was unbreakable.

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Even while Kayla was busy with her studies, Russ sought out ways to snuggle close.

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This touching interaction, captured and shared online, resonated with many.

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For Kayla, Russ is the embodiment of love. Through their story, she hopes to inspire more adoptions.

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