Shocking Arrest: ‘L&HH’s’ Joseline Hernandez Caught in Big Lex Beatdown Drama

In the early hours of Monday, Joseline Hernandez found herself behind bars, facing at least four charges including trespassing and battery. A clearly disgruntled Hernandez was photographed for her mugshot, an image subsequently published by TMZ.

As Floyd Mayweather took to the ring this weekend, Joseline Hernandez was engaged in her own violent encounter backstage. Her opponent? Big Lex. The ex-star of “Love & Hip Hop” donned a light blue attire on Sunday, attending Mayweather’s exhibition fight against John Gotti III in South Florida. The event was heavily attended by other celebrities from the Zeus Network, Big Lex among them.

Big Lex, a prior guest on Hernandez’s reality series “Joseline’s Cabaret,” ended up on the receiving end of an intense beating during the boxing match. A video capturing the savage encounter is gaining traction on social media. The footage clearly shows Hernandez trapping Lex in a headlock and striking her repeatedly, leading to a chaotic scene where Lex was left flailing and shirtless.

In the heat of the moment, Hernandez had the upper hand over Lex. After the two women were parted, Hernandez continued her display of aggression, throwing punches at several bystanders, seemingly without a specific target.

At one stage, an unidentified woman hurled a drink towards Hernandez amidst the chaos. Upon realizing the source of the unexpected splash, Hernandez chased her out of the building.

The trigger for the melee remains unclear, but it’s evident that it spurred a wild frenzy in Hernandez.

However, this was not the only unrest of the night. Another fracas erupted inside the ring itself, but it didn’t involve the boxers. Instead, it was between their respective teams and management. Gotti was disqualified in the 6th round for persistent holding, but his defiance persisted.

Mayweather’s team had to intervene to halt Gotti’s actions, which in turn provoked a full-blown brawl. The unusual incidents certainly turned the evening into one of the most bizarre sporting events in recent memory.

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