Shocking Revelation: Tammy Slaton’s Husband Caleb Willingham Found Dead at 40

Tammy has recently issued a public announcement about the death of her husband, Caleb, saying, “With a heavy heart, I share the news of the demise of my beloved husband. He was not only my spouse but also my best friend, whom I cherished deeply.

“When Caleb entered my life, he became my protective shield, my guardian angel. Now, he genuinely watches over me from above. We, as a family, thank everyone for their kind words and condolences and request that you honor our need for privacy during this challenging period.”

Caleb Willingham, famed for being the spouse of Tammy Slaton, a star from the show “1000-Lb. Sisters”, has tragically passed away.

Caleb’s stepmother, Shirley Willingham, verified this unfortunate news to TMZ but was unable to provide any additional information or the reason for his death.

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As some may know, Caleb, fondly known as “Killa K” or “Double K,” was a sporadic but much-adored character on the reality TV show alongside Tammy, documenting their relentless struggle with obesity. In 2022, they encountered each other at a rehabilitation center in Ohio, where they were receiving treatment for obesity. In that same year, they decided to exchange wedding vows.

A few weeks subsequent to their wedding, Slaton told People magazine, “Our nuptial day was flawless, brimming with love and warmth. I literally wedded my closest confidante.”

However, The Sun disclosed that the duo decided to part ways in May because Caleb was reportedly not adhering to his diet. Rumors circulated that Tammy was considering initiating divorce proceedings.

Caleb was 40 years old when he passed away.

Rest in Peace.

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